New Tracy Anderson DVD due March 2015


UPDATE! See Method Express review here

How exciting! Tracy’s releasing a new muscular structure DVD on Friday March 27th. This is currently available at Walmart but if it’s the same workout as the one pictured on her instagram it’ll also be made available at Amazon and Target.

If we are to trust the cover (which history tells us isn’t always accurate) this DVD is 1 hour long and is divided into 6X 10 minute workouts, each workout focusing on a different body part. Tracy’s only other DVD which divides up specific areas of the body into different workouts is Precision Toning which has 4 different workouts (rather then 6) and each one is 15 minutes long. Typically Tracy’s workouts are 30 minutes (Metamorphosis, Transform on Xbox) to 1 hr long (Mat Workout, Perfect Design Series, Live Streaming) but recently she’s been offering some shorter workout options for those pressed for time or beginners (Mat Workout for Beginners at 24 minutes). So each workout being at only 10 minutes long this will be the shortest workouts she’s ever released, despite this Tracy still continues with the message that you will need to build up to at least 30 minutes muscular structure and 30 minutes cardio 6 days a week.

According to the blurb on Walmart you can combine all of these to make a longer workout, which you were also given the option to do with Precision Toning. It also says that you’ll need your 3lb dumbbells and 1.5-2.5lb ankle weights.

I like the accurate descriptions of each workout that are given as these represent what body you can expect if you do the Tracy Anderson Method: “Sculpted arms and shoulders”, “tight and tone butt” I don’t know if that’s supposed to read “tight and TONED butt”, “firm flat abs” “long lean legs” with the last two workouts focusing on either the upper or the lower body.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this DVD and it being released 🙂


UPDATE!!!! A couple of preview videos have been released

From watching the previews we can see that the video is shot outside, not in a studio- her only other exercises releases that are shot outside are the XBOX transform series and year 4 of metamorphosis. I think shooting outside worked better on the transform series as it was in Hawaii the weather was really good and it was a lovely backdrop, whereas in this clip it just looks a bit grey and overcast. I also don’t really know where she’s supposed to be- she looks like she’s in a fake building impersonating something from a Greek Island…… with towels outside….. it’s really odd. The sound quality is also really bad- you can hear background noise- such as a plane flying over as well as either wind or traffic and it keeps cutting out. Also from watching the previews it seems a bit strange as sometimes there’s music playing and other times it isn’t which seems inconsistent. Although it is refreshing to see Tracy outside, I think if it’s not in a sunny location I’d rather see her in a well lit studio. You can see that Tracy gives detailed instructions throughout the workout and she says this DVD is aimed at any fitness level so it would be suitable for beginners/intermediate levels.

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout



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