My Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Full Body Intermediate Routine

photo 3

Now I’ve completed 10 days of Mat Workout for Beginners Beginner Chair Sequence I’ve moved onto a new routine, this is what it looks like:

30 minutes (Tracy approved) cardio + 12,500 in total steps

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Full Body Intermediate + Tracy Anderson Style Caster Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 6 Exercises (workout add on) + Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (as the other exercises don’t target the chest area) Eva Fraser Facial Exercises [I got out of the habit of doing face exercises for a while but I’ve noticed a definite difference since I’ve started doing them again- my cheeks are more puffed out- in a good way! and my other facial muscles seem to be lifting so I’m going to keep at it.


Reformer pilates


Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners Energising Practice + other exercises to make it to a full hour of strength work eg Better TV Tracy Anderson Makes Working Out the Star + Tracy Anderson Aspen + Tracy Anderson Acro Background

Once I finish my current yoga routine I’m going to add on Secret of Splits and Flexibility again.


I’ve also finished 10 sessions without taking a break for longer then a week of Reformer Pilates Beginner level so I’m now taking Intermediate classes. Although I enjoy the Pilates sessions I’ve noticed recently, especially because I’ve been doing the classes more frequently, that my are quads, arms and waist are a lot-lot thicker then I would like them to be. As the gym doesn’t offer classes at a higher level then intermediate, once I complete my 10 workouts (because I want to experience all the moves and I’m pedantic!) I’ll start taking mat Pilates classes instead, so hopefully they’ll shrink back down. I am surprised at how much bigger those areas are- Tracy obviously made a big change to my body when I committed to just doing her routine, the frustrating thing is I have been doing Tracy’s workout more frequently then these Reformer Pilates classes so it is a bit gutting that they seem to be undoing all the work and are more effective at adding on muscle then Tracy’s method is at reducing it. Has anyone else experienced this with adding on other workouts in addition to Tracy’s? I haven’t had this problem with yoga or mat Pilates so I think the added weights from using the reformer must be making the difference.

photo (46)

Some good news though- I have on-going knee problems which has made doing certain exercises difficult, however with physiotherapy they’re definitely improving. I’ve slowly been working on building my knees up to being able to do things like plies, squats and lunges and I’m happy that they’re now strong enough to master the weighted step touch routine from The Method for Beginners. From here I’m going to progress onto trying to do some rebounding which is a big step for me as I haven’t been able to do this for over a year (December 2013). At the moment I’m only able to do step touching for cardio so I’m excited to try to do this, I just hope that I’m able to.

My Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series 2 Routine

My Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Chair Sequence Routine

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