Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure Playlist

Tracy Anderson, center, teacher a fitness class in New York.

A lot of people mute their workout DVDs and exercise to their own playlist- with Tracy’s DVDs by the 10th play her background music can get a bit repetitive and if you’re doing metamorphosis the same soundtrack used over and over for literally YEARS can test anybodies sanity. Here is some of Tracy’s music that is a perfect accompaniment to her muscular structure workouts. This will be updated regularly.

Volkano- Girl you’re the one I want

Britney Spears- Pretty Girls remix

(Unfortunately I couldn’t find videos for the above)

Rihanna- You da one

Rihanna- Jump

M.I.A- Bad girls

One Republic- Love runs out

Diddy dirty money- Hello good morning

Capital Cities- Safe and sound

Beyonce- Haunted

Rihanna- Disturbia

Katy Perry- Roar (Brillz remix)

Taylor Swift- I knew you were trouble (phynx remix)

Indiana- Solo dancing (Joe Goddard Remix)

Kanye West- Gold digger

Maroon 5- It was always you

Chamillionaire- Ridin

Rihanna- Rude Boy

Taylor Swift- Style

Calvin Harris- Pray to God Feat HAIM

Katy Perry- Part of me

Kanye West- Blkkk SkkkN Head

Brandon Flowers- I can change

David Bowie & Queen- Under Pressure

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Playlist

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