How to get a body like JLO 9/9


Tracy Anderson Instyle Get a body like Jennifer Lopez
Time: 12 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: 3X ankle weights

This is a great segment as it isn’t heavily edited so we get to hear Tracy naturally talk about her client Jennifer Lopez. The two leg moves demonstrated here are very much from her live streaming era- before live streaming came out we’d see Tracy introduce new moves in segments but because it would take months until the new material got released through metamorphosis we were always a step behind, whereas with live streaming we’re as up to date with Tracy as we could possibly be. So if you’re on the live streaming you’ve more then likely done these moves before- if you’re not you get a tiny idea of how tough live streaming is! The first move is challenging as it takes twice as long as it’s in two parts, with both moves you sort of feel like you’re rolling around on the mat (with your face a lot closer to the floor then you’d like it to be!) without any real grace or coordination, this is to be expected as you’re working your body in unusual ways. The second move has two ankle weights on the working leg but as the move is only in one part and it feels like you need less stamina for this move it’s easier then the first one. It’s great that the segment showed how much of a struggle it was for the presenter to get into the move as it makes us all feel better about ourselves(!) and also because it gives Tracy an opportunity to really break down and explain the move- I think sometimes Tracy comes across as though all of her moves are really straight forward and it’s absurd that someone wouldn’t be able to get it straight away! I did struggle with that move because it felt like I was getting carpet/mat burn on my shoulder, no matter how I rearranged my arms- has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on how I can avoid this happening? You should get results with this workout, especially as it will build your stamina as well as working on your muscular structure. Enjoy 🙂

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