Tracy Anderson Cosmo A Tight Butt Fast!

TAM Cosmo a tight butt fast
Time: 10 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: 3lb weight and 1lb weight

Although the moves don’t need that much concentration, the added weight behind your knee makes you need to pay more attention and because it’s a bit different it’s more fun. The moves are pretty easy, although you do need a bit more concentration for the toe touch move and I struggled more with the side raise (I did this workout after 50 minutes of other Tracy exercises so I hope that was the reason!). I normally use 1lb weights instead of 3lbs because I really really don’t want to add too much muscle (I don’t know if this fear is justified or not) but for all of the moves that required the weight to be held behind your knee I used 3lb weights as it’s harder to perform the move with 1lb weights as the weight is more likely to fall out of place.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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