My Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series 2 Routine

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It’s such a great feeling to finish an old workout routine and then move onto a new one 🙂 Now I’ve finished my 10 days of Tracy Anderson Mat Workout Full Body Intermediate I’ve moved onto my new routine, here it is:

Every day I will do

30 minutes (Tracy approved) cardio + 12,500 in total steps

Perfect Design Series 2 + 15 reps of all the moves from 30 day method sequence 2 (Tracy’s suggested add on) + Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (as the other exercises don’t target the chest area) Eva Fraser Facial Exercises




Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners Energising Practice

I’ve decided to stop going to intermediate reformer pilates classes as they are still bulking up my quads, arms and torso, I did say to myself to complete 10 classes before stopping but every time I go into a changing room or put on tight trousers I just feel depressed at the state of my thighs. So next week I’m starting pilates mat classes, I used to go really regularly to these so it should be fun getting back into it again.


I’ve managed to work up to 5 minutes on the rebounder which is really good news for me (I’ve had bad knees which has stopped me from doing this for over a year) I’ll keep going until I can manage 30 minutes and then try mastering full jumping dance cardio. I’m also noticing the benefits from the added cardio intensity in extra fat burning (even only from 5 minutes) and a more elevated mood- you really don’t get that much cardio intensity from dance cardio step touching.

Update and my Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout Routine

My Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Full Body Intermediate Routine

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