New Tracy Anderson DVD due June 2015


Woooo!!!! New Tracy! This DVD is due for release 2nd June 2015

The DVD is most likely to be this workout:

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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Which was filmed at the same time as Tracy Anderson Method Express.  Tracy has lots of cardio DVDs so why has she released another one? This has 3X 20 minute workouts, whereas her other non choreographed cardio DVDs which are made into smaller workouts are either in 15 minute segments (cardio dance for beginners) 10 minutes (30 day method) or 30 minutes (dance + cardio) so I suppose this varies from the others by being 20 minutes. I have no idea why this is significant though!


One of the cardio workouts includes a light toning segment featuring the fitness band! Now that’s something different from Tracy. Will she use it in a similar way to her multi task band classes?


For those that don’t know the band was originally introduced in Teen Meta and Tracy used it in some of her master classes and through certain levels of meta continuity, however it isn’t featured in any of her other DVDs so it’s interesting that she’s decided to use it now (seeing as it isn’t a new piece of equipment) and incorporate it into cardio and it’s great news that it’s included with the DVD.

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

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