April Pilates Class Experience


Time: 60 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, chest and stomach
Equipment needed: Foam roller, 2X 1.5kg weights

I’ve been doing pilates for 13 years now; I started with classes at uni, then ones at various gyms, when I was travelling around a lot I stuck to a pilates dvd, more recently I’ve gone to kx pilates, a good classical pilates class overseas, reformer pilates and then yesterday I went to a new pilates mat class.


This pilates mat class was nothing like any of the other pilates I had experienced. Firstly we had to use a foam roller (good) and 2X 1.5kg weights (bad!). I was excited to incorporate using the foam roller as I have one at home but don’t use it enough; using it in the class was a combo of being relaxing/adding a challenging balance element to the exercises.


Some of the moves were good, such as the planks, standing roll downs and hip exercises that involved lying on your side, but unfortunately¬†some of the moves were a bit questionable and in my mind didn’t stick to the pilates principals such as doing the 100 with weights in each hand, chest presses and weighted deep squats (holding both 1.5kg weights together (= 6lbs! Tracy would cry!). The reason that I recently stopped going to reformer pilates (although I enjoyed it) is that my quads had gotten so big (along with my arms getting bigger and building out my waist) it depressed me every time I saw them in a changing room mirror or if I put tight trousers on, unfortunately I don’t think this class is the answer either to enjoying the good posture encouraging benefits of pilates without bulking out loads of muscles. So I will stop going to pilates for the time being and try to keep an eye out for classical pilates classes.

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