Tracy Anderson QVC Mini Trampoline Workout


Muscular Structure
Time: 15 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Mini trampoline, 3lb weight, 1lb weight

During this segment a couple of Tracy’s trainers demonstrate some leg moves that incorporate the trampoline. There are only 5 different moves so these get repeated throughout the segment, although the moves aren’t shown equally on both sides so you will need to do some extra moves to make it an equal number. Here are the moves with the number or reps shown:

Lunge on trampoline and then foot back, punch arm over with weight (1lb)
R: 40
L: 50

Bounce leg on trampoline then kick back and up
R: 20
L: 25

L: 1

Shin on trampoline and kick back while holding weight on floor (3lb)
L: 3
R: 26

Knee touch trampoline and then kick back while holding 3b weight on floor
L: 22
R: 24

You can use the 3lb weight for the arm over the head move but I prefer to use 1lb weights unless you’re required to balance on the weight.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout


Time: 13 minutes
Equipment needed: Mini trampoline

During this segment there is always at least one trainer using the trampoline for cardio so it’s a perfect opportunity to put some of your own music on and follow on with the moves.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

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