Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout


Muscular Structure

photo 1 (2)
Time: 25 minutes
Areas Worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 3lb weightmini trampoline

I love that Tracy incorporates the mini trampoline into her muscular structure work, it definitely adds a new element and new interest to her workout. Not all the work involves the mini rebounder, there is still standing arms and stretching, but she uses the trampoline in her leg work by either using it to bounce one leg off or to hold onto either both arms and legs and for abs she uses it in much the same way she would a chair. This workout is short and sweet, although there are high reps in the leg moves so you’ll definitely exhaust the muscles. There isn’t any voice over during this work but it’s easy to follow along.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout


photo 2
Time: 24 minutes
Equipment needed: Mini trampoline

There are two workouts on this DVD, one shot from the front and the other from behind and despite what some people think these are actually two different workouts so if you do both you’re not repeating the same moves. The workout actually seems easier then her other trampoline workouts as she goes at a much slower pace and it’s nice having the variation of seeing the moves from behind rather then having a full 30 minutes from the same angle. Rebounding is definitely my preferred form of cardio I hope you enjoy it too!

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

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