Tracy Anderson QVC Evening February 2nd 2012

Time: 81 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights

Although this QVC segment is about 1 hour long, the majority of the leg exercises are only shown on one side so it will take you 81 minutes to repeat the exercises on each side. This is a good thorough workout with a large variety of moves that especially works your legs. There’s also lots of helpful interesting information provided, including trainer Stacey’s own transformation with the method. Here is a breakdown of all the leg moves:

Lunge to the side shift knee in and out
L 24

Hold elbow foot fanned out
L 34

Opposite forearm down hydrant
L 16

Knee fanned out kick back
R 3

Lift opposite arm up then leg
L 41

Plank swing leg in and then kick at a backwards diagonal
L 14

All fours lift knee out to the side and then extend back behind other leg
R 46

Walk forward with the knees and lift leg behind
R 35

Knees down lean sideways on one arm knee out straight
R 17

Same position knee forward kick leg back
R 25
L 11

Lift leg behind then do it again with elbows bending
R 21

Hydrant then toe touching floor leg straight beyond other leg
R 44

Plank opposite arm and leg touching then going out in diagonal
L 26

Leg out to the side on floor bring up and behind
L 11

On knees lean to one side tap heel then kick out
L 20

Hydrant then extend leg back opposite diagonal
R 34

All fours shin over other leg extend back
L 209

Leg diagonally back toes on floor lean in and bend leg
R 14

Yes that’s right 209 reps for the second to last move! The camera went off Stacey and Maria for a long time so I continued doing that move until it went back on them showing them doing a different move.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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