Questions I’d love to ask Tracy Anderson


I’ve read SO MANY interviews with Tracy Anderson and although some of them have been really good the majority seem to ask the same questions over and over- probably because they were conducted by journalists and not Die Hard Tracy Anderson Mega Fans! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know the answers to these questions….

  1. “Are there any exercises that I can do that will increase the size of my glute without making my thighs bigger?” I really struggle with this- pre Tracy my rear was great but my thighs resembled those of rugby players, since I started Tracy my thighs have gotten lovely and streamlined but my backside looks non existent- any tips?
  2. “Please could you talk me through your creative process? I’d love to hear how you go about making up all the moves and how you know/test the move to see if it is effective/will bulk or not.”
  3. “Since you’ve been doing the method for such a long time do you still notice changes in your own body?” I’m curious about how exercising is for her- we hear so much about what everyone else should do but I’d love to hear all about her own personal experience.
  4. “When you were designing the method were there any areas which were easier to master a design for then others? Eg did you struggle with finding the key to the perfect legs but found mastering arms pretty easily?”
  5. “Will you bring out a sTAcking DVD? We’d really really love one!!!”
  6. “Have you ever thought about getting into facial exercises?”
  7. “Can you explain why you use different weights for different exercises? Why isn’t it better to always use 1lb weights?” (That’s personally what I do)
  8. “Why with arm work do you only do a few repetitions of each move before moving onto a new move but with legs it’s about 40 reps before moving onto a new move?”
  9. “When you were pregnant with Penny was there a part of you that was scared you wouldn’t be able to get back into your pre-Penny shape?”
  10. “How do you design a routine for yourself?”

If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions please let me know 🙂 Or if you’re lucky enough to go to one of Tracy’s Vitality weeks and feel like asking one of these questions that would be amazing!

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