Taking Measurements


Although you can get a general feel for how your body is progressing by how your clothes fit or how you look, sometimes our perceptions of ourselves can be a little bit skewiff so it’s good to have something objective like photographs or measurements so you can see what’s really going on and if you’re making progress. I personally think it’s good to only take your measurements or take body photos once a month as it will give you a true indication of your progress rather then little weekly changes that can happen in your body thanks to hormones or being bloated from a big meal. Also it stops you getting too hung up on little differences or racing to exercise more/eat less towards the end of the week in hope that you can “undo” any bad work earlier on in the week, which is a classic thing that many people do when they take weekly weigh ins with slimming groups. Eating well and exercising regularly is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing but for your sanity it’s best not too get too obsessive about it- I have definitely been guilty of this in the past. So see your measurements as a way of making sure you’re going in the right direction whether that’s gaining or losing fat/muscle mass or assessing if a particular workout or eating plan is working for you, rather then seeing your results as a measure of your own personal success or failures.

I take my measurements in 17 places which is a combo of

  • The measurements required on a brilliant but now defunct website called mybodycomp which would calculate where you were out of balance and your body fat %
  • The measurements taken at the Tracy Anderson Studios
  • Areas that I’m interested in measuring

Here are all the places:

Tracy Anderson Studio measurements (not mine)

Tracy Anderson Studio measurements (not mine)

  • Shoulders (widest part)
  • Upper arms (widest part)
  • Forearms (widest part)
  • Pubic bone to tummy button- this is similar to the measurements you will have taken when you’re pregnant, I measure to get an idea of how flat my stomach is (or isn’t)
  • Banana rolls
  • Calf (widest part)
  • Chest

I also take my measurements in cms as it’s a smaller measurement then inches I’m more likely to see a difference!

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