Update and my Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout Routine


I’ve really missed keeping you guys updated on what I’ve been up to! 😦 It’s been such a long time since I last posted about what I doing with my exercise- almost 2 months.


Unfortunately I fell off the wagon with keeping up my Perfect Design Series 2 workouts, I did it 5 times and then didn’t manage to fit my 6th workout in within a week since the previous one (Tracy says not to leave it a longer then a week between workouts or you have to start the routine again). The main reason why I didn’t fit it in was being too busy, even though I had the best of intentions of doing it, so I’m using this opportunity to pair down my routine a bit for the time being.

I’ve been really run down emotionally since around mid April and of course this has impacted on my health. I’ve been almost constantly ill since that date with different ailments so obviously my exercising has suffered. I only ever stop or alter my workout routine if exercise is actually making me worse (I don’t stop for colds) and in these cases it definitely has. I try to do arms and abs exercises on the days that I’m feeling bad as these doesn’t seem to make me worse, however cardio (even step touching) is a prime culprit for making my symptoms worse so I’ve hardly done any as when I do it knocks me out. It’s a bit annoying not being able to do any cardio but I’m able to go for long walks (even though the weather is rubbish at the moment) so at least that’s something. I’ve been to the doctors a couple of times so hopefully I’ll get this all sorted soon, I’m trying to take really good care of myself by listening to calming hypnosis CDs and trying to get a lot more fruit and veg into my diet. I got prescribed some antibiotics which made me bloated and feel really run down so I’m off them for the time being.

I decided to move onto Tracy’s Total Body mini trampoline workout (even though it’s not the next in my order to do them) because it’s only 25 minutes long so it should be easy to commit to.


This is what my current routine looks like:

Every day I do

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body mini trampoline workoutTracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (as the other exercises don’t target the chest area) Eva Fraser Facial Exercises


Rodney Yee’s Pose Guide


30 Day Method Days 21-30 move Bent Tuck with Attitude Lift and Sweep which is the knee move I’m currently trying to master (I have a history of bad knees so my physio has recommended with certain moves I build up to the entire reps) + additional Tracy muscular structure to make it to a full 60 minutes eg

CBS Fitness Tips for Problem Areas + Cosmo Lower Body Blast + Fox Bikini Body + Health Magazine Stretch + Hot in the Hamptons

View More: http://photographybyklc.pass.us/hanneke

Since my last exercise diary post I went to a pilates class which turned out to be nothing like classical pilates- lots of squats and other non Tracy friendly moves so I’ve decided to cut out pilates for the time being in the hope that my body will return to a more streamlined shape, before I try and find a classical pilates class. To try and monitor my progress I’ve started taking my measurements again, just once a month like they do in Tracy’s studios. When I was doing reformer pilates I really gained a lot of muscle on my quads, arms and waist so by taking my measurements hopefully I can see what effect certain exercises are having on my body. I took my measurements just after I stopped going to reformer pilates and this is the main difference in my body since a year prior (I hadn’t taken my measurements for a long time)



  • 1cm on my shoulders
  • 1cm on each arm
  • 1cm on my waist
  • 2cm on my abdomen
  • 2cm on my hips
  • 2cms on my banana rolls
  • 1cm on vertical butt length
  • 2cm on my cheek width
  • 1cm on my right bikini
  • and 2KG (4lbs).
  • In total I’d gained 15cms.

Not good at all! But it wasn’t all doom and gloom because I….


  • 2cms on my upper abs (small mercies!).

I know these measurements aren’t a real indication of what’s recently been going on with me since they’re a year apart, so I took them again after a month (with no pilates) and this is the main differences:



  • 1cm on waist (weird since I hadn’t done pilates for a while- could be fat gain?)
  • 1cm on my abdomen (ok definite fat gain then)
  • 1cm on my left thigh (although not my right! Strange!)


  • 1cm off my hips (Thanks Tracy!)
  • 2cms off my banana rolls (It’s got to be Tracy!)
  • 1cm off my upper abs
  • 3cms of my chest ( 😦 sadly it’s a sacrifice that must be made!)
  • 1KG (2lbs)

So things seem to be going in the right direction, hopefully my June measurements will show a greater loss in my stomach, arms and legs, although because I’ve not managed to do as much exercise recently there might be a fat gain, I’ll keep you posted.


My husband’s cardio is normally going for a long bike ride, but as the weather has been so bad recently I managed to convince him to try one of Tracy’s XBOX cardio routines and he loved it! Hooray!!! It totally wore him out but he’s sticking with it and he’s seeing improvements- I’m so impressed! I think he prefers it to dance cardio as it’s less dancey and it’s nice and challenging, I think a big bonus is that he can get a really good cardio burn in a relatively short amount of time- 30 minutes as compared to going for a bike ride for over an hour.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until I give you an update again and hopefully my health will improve so I can push myself more with exercise.

My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine

My Tracy Anderson Perfect Design 2 Series Routine

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