Tracy Anderson’s sTAcking AKA AcroYoga


For ages I’ve wanted to get into AcroYoga because…

  • I love yoga
  • I love pushing my body to doing new cool things that look impressive
  • AcroYoga has similarities to Thai massage which I love (I’ve even done a course in it)
  • It’s a much cooler coupley thing to do then the normal stuff eg taking salsa classes.


I first tried AcroYoga at a Wonderlust Festival (yoga festival) and really enjoyed it, so since then my husband and I have been trying some moves out at home. AcroYoga is much safer then it looks- despite not using a spotter and us both being inexperienced I’ve never fallen down and we haven’t injured ourselves, that being said obviously you do need to be a bit careful, don’t do it drunk! Also the moves look way more difficult and impressive than they actually are; it’s actually much easier then it looks.


For me being “the flyer” is really exhilarating because there is that fear that you’re going to fall so all your concentration is on that move, which is great because you feel really focused and it takes your mind off all the stressful/mundane stuff that you normally think about, so it probably achieves similar things to meditation. I also suspect the focused brain aspect is why Tracy is behind AcroYoga because she’s really for that mind-body connection while exercising. The fear factor also makes it all the more exciting! It’s sooo satisfying when you overcome your fear and are able to master a move, even though your head is telling you “no don’t do it you’ll fall!!”. You also feel really awake, perky and clear headed afterwards which I’m guessing may be due to the adrenalin? Another benefit is that because you’re not on the ground you’re able to get into poses and stretches that normally you wouldn’t be able to.


I asked my husband “the base” what he enjoys about AcroYoga and he said he likes that it’s something that you can do together with your partner, it involves trusting each other, there are different skills involved- for the flyer that’s balance and trust and for the base that’s providing a strong base and support. He also likes that it’s satisfying when you master a move and it’s not a long drawn out workout (I think he’s comparing it to the yoga classes that I’ve dragged him along to!) as you can do as much as you like and still feel like you’ve achieved something even if it’s just in a short space of time.


Now thankfully Tracy has gotten into AcroYoga too and has introduced sTAcking into her gyms which has provided me with loads of inspiration to keep going, I’ve included all the Tracy sTAcking pics I could find.




Yes please!! @acroshirt #firsttime #stretch

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feeling 30 and zen 🙌

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My husband and I up until recently had been just trying to work out how to get into the moves ourselves but I’ve now found some really good online tutorials which I have been following so I’m working my way through the moves:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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