My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine


By the way I’m referring to what exercise I can do while suffering from the condition chronic pain, not a chronically painful exercise routine!!

Since I last wrote I’ve continued to be ill on and off- mostly on. My symptoms returned so I took antibiotics again (just a course for a week). Frustratingly though it seems that whenever I get rid of an old ailment another one comes along- in this case two! I managed to cure a side effect of my antibiotics (which I had to take due to having a massive bacterial overgrowth) and then got hit with laryngitis and a full body (and face!) rash. I was in good spirits which was something. To combat this I started taking antihistamines to try and zap the rash and hung out next to my humidifier as much as possible to sort out my throat. I’m so desperate to get better as I really want to get into the streaming for beginners.

I had more tests done at the doctors and then got referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with chronic pain so I’m now on antidepressants for that (not for me, for my nerve endings!) and antibiotics as well for 2 months 😦 I asked her about exercising and she said I’m not likely to see much difference in my symptoms improving so best not to do anything.


I’m getting more and more limited on what I can do exercise wise, cardio is out of the question, as is doing a lot of leg work, even after a while walking becomes painful, at the moment arm work and yoga is mostly all I can manage. This just feels like a massive joke. And surprise surprise I started getting fatter because I can’t do anything! I started to feel like a massive blob and like I have no control over my body. With my husbands support I’m back on the Perricone diet which I’ve found has helped me lose some of the weight I put on and also I don’t have any cravings or feel hungry so it’s definitely sustainable and it really helps that my husband’s doing it with me too (although he can’t give up the coffee!). I definitely hit a bit of a low spot but I’m starting to feel more positive so I’m just going to do what I can exercise wise and stick with Perricone. So with my limits on what I can do with exercise I’ve designed myself a new routine, this is what it looks like:

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Photoshoot Photographer- ADRIEL REBOH

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises

Rodney Yee’s PM Yoga for Beginners

Any Tracy Anderson workouts that don’t involve leg work, right now I’m doing US Weekly Arms

The arms and abs section (as long as it doesn’t involve moving my legs) of two of Tracy’s full length muscular structure workouts. I’m changing these every day, at the moment I’m doing the streaming workouts but I’ll also incorporate metamorphosis.

I’m also easing myself into doing a bit of Tracy leg work, at the moment I’m doing Lower Body Blast


24 hour tone up (I’m alternating these)

I took my measurements on the 1st June, how I did compared to last month:


  • 4cm off my right bikini (this makes me worry I’m not measuring it properly!)
  • 3cm off my left bikini
  • 2cm off my vertical butt length (thanks Tracy!!)
  • 1cm off my shoulder
  • 1cm off my waist (yippee!)
  • 1cm off my abdomen
  • 1cm off my cheek width
  • 14cms in total


  • 1cm on my lower stomach (seems weird since I lost off my abdomen)
  • 1cm on my upper abdomen
  • 4cm on my chest (yippee!) I think this may be due to my monthly cycle.

Hopefully when I next post I’ll be slimmer thanks to Perricone and although I know it’s unlikely I’ll see improvements in my ability to do more exercise at least I know that hopefully in a couple of months things should have improved.

Update and my Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout Routine

Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 2.0

5 thoughts on “My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine

  1. Jodie

    Sorry you are going through all that. Hoping things get better for you. I understand how you are feeling because I am going through a similar thing too.

      1. jodie

        nerve issues. This is the worst it has been, can’t do any jumping, dancing , running etc I am going back to the doctor next week I really need to know where it is stemming from. Its not from my back based on mri. So frustrating!

      2. ljgodbolt Post author

        You poor thing! Try to stay strong, I got a massage last night and it seemed to save my sanity a bit, maybe you could go and get one?

  2. ljgodbolt Post author

    😦 I hope you get this sorted asap, I know it’s so frustrating when you can’t exercise which is actually good for you! It’s not like we’re frustrated because we can’t drink or have an unhealthy diet, we’re frustrated because we can’t do something that we SHOULD be doing


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