Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 2.0


I’ve changed my routine since I last wrote as the pain got really bad again which lasted consistently for 3 days and this was due to doing more arm exercises then usual- arm exercises of all things! So I decided to take it down a notch and really prioritise feeling well over trying to do more and more exercise, so now I’m just doing ONE Tracy Anderson workout a day- even if it only lasts a minute. I’ve also moved onto Rodney Yee’s Intermediate Yoga as I finished 10 sessions of Rodney Yee’s PM Yoga for Beginners.

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises

Rodney Yee’s Intermediate Yoga

One Tracy Anderson workout that don’t involve leg work, right now I’m doing Tracy Anderson New 12 Summer Season in Full Swing, when I’ve finished that I’ll move onto doing the arms and abs sections from one of her full length workouts like beginners streaming

When I’m in pain, taking pain killers or using anesthetic gel doesn’t always work so I’ve started to get weekly massages to get rid of the stress associated with the pain and it’s making a big difference- I couldn’t believe how much tension I had from feeling bad. Following a bad spout of pain I felt terrified about exercising and that avoiding pain felt like trial and error and if I did make an error I was punished for it for days. I used to think that I could do Tracy Anderson exercises as long as it didn’t involve any leg work but it now seems that the duration of the workout seems to make a difference.

I’ve now eased up on the workout and I’m feeling less guilty about not doing loads of exercise because I’ve been doing Perricone and it’s keeping my weight down- it’s been an absolute godsend! The weight has just been falling off despite my mostly sedentary lifestyle, I’m even slimmer in my face. I haven’t been this slim since I last did Perricone- about a year ago and I’m really enjoying being able to wear a lot more of my clothes. I’m tempted to stay on Perricone until I can build myself up to doing 30 mins cardio again, although that’s a long way away.

I took my measurements after being on Perricone for 8 days (I’m confident I’ve lost more weight since then) and here are my results compared to 4 weeks prior:

I have LOST

1cm off my hips

1cm off my upper abs

2cm off my left thigh

2cm off my right bikini

1cm off my right thigh (so weird how my thighs are different)

2cm off my chest

4cms in total



1cm on my vertical butt length- maybe this is because I haven’t done much Tracy for ages.

2cm on my left bikini (I really don’t think I’m measuring that right)

My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine

Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 3.0

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