My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Update: Improvements and Latest Measurements


Since I last wrote I’ve been to see my specialist again and she has put me on some new medication. As a result my symptoms have vastly improved- thank God!!!! I still have days when I’m in pain, but they’re less frequent and generally the pain has been less severe than it was previously. I still really miss being able to do lots of exercise, but after so many months of having this condition I’m aware that I really shouldn’t rush into anything and slowly build myself back up once my symptoms have subsided. I’m not going to start increasing my exercise until I’ve had 7 pain free days in a row, at the moment I’ve only had 2 completely symptomless days in a row- which is a huge improvement on before, so I know I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime this is what my routine looks like:


Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises


Acro yoga


One Tracy Anderson workout that don’t involve leg work, right now I’m working my way through her full length DVD and streaming workouts, only doing the arms and stomach sections that don’t involve using my legs and changing to a different workout every day. Recently I’ve been doing the Pregnancy Project which I’m really enjoying as the pace is nice and slow and she talks you through everything and makes it clear what you’re doing- basically the opposite of streaming! It also has loads of stretching which I’m really appreciating and it helps to get rid of the built up stress and tension in my body caused by the pain.

I’ve taken my measurements again and here’s the difference:

Since four weeks ago I have…


1 cm on my hips

3cms on my upper abs (something tells me I’m measuring this wrong)

3cms on my vertical butt length (I think I must’ve measured this wrong at some point as well)


1cm off my right thigh

6cms off my left bikini pocket (I must’ve measured that wrong at some point as well)

3cms off my right bikini pocket (must be wrong somewhere as well)

In all I’ve lost 2cms off my body in total.

Everything else including my weight has stayed the same.

I think it makes sense that my body hasn’t changed that much as my body is probably used to being on the same diet and my activity levels have stayed about the same. However although I’m consuming less calories then I was before and I’ve lost weight, bits of my body that Tracy’s muscular structure work had previously shrunk and lifted are slowly starting to become undone. I’m really hoping that next time I update I’ll be even closer to being completely better.

Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 3.0

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