Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 4.0


So, it happened. I was having loads of fun doing acro yoga with my husband, feeling as light as a feather and indestructible but then he dropped me and I landed on my back and it really hurt!!!! So I’m now scared of doing acro yoga again on hardwood floors with no spotter so it’s a no go for the time being and I’m back to doing some Rodney Yee instead.

I’ve now moved onto Rodney Yee’s Advanced Yoga- Total Body Arm Balance Workout. A lot of the moves I’m unable to do- the headstands or the forearm stands but I’m enjoying the moves I can do and pushing myself and that it’s a longer yoga workout- 48 minutes.


I’ve also slightly extended the amount of Tracy Anderson workout time I’m doing- previously I was only doing ONE Tracy Workout that didn’t involve leg work a day, but as some of her workouts are so short- like the moves she demonstrates on instagram I’ve decided to tack these onto the end of her full length workouts with the leg section removed. Most recently I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson Energy Arms along with the Pregnancy Project but tomorrow I’ll go back to doing Beginners Streaming.

I’ve found that when I do more exercise I’m able to sleep better and it calms me down, but I really need to be careful and not push myself too much; so far yoga and Tracy without leg work seems to be fine. I just can’t wait until I’m better and I can start doing longer workouts!! I wonder how weak my leg muscles must be without doing Tracy for so long or if yoga has kept them strong.

So this is what my new routine looks like:

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises


Rodney Yee’s Advanced Yoga- Total Body Arm Balance Workout


One Tracy Anderson workout that don’t involve leg work- normally one of her full length DVD or streaming workouts minus the leg work- so mostly arms, standing abs and abs on the floor if it doesn’t involve moving my legs and if there’s a short Tracy workout that I haven’t done before I’ll add that on as well.


My chronic pain symptoms have still definitely improved, I just hope they continue to get better- when I get completely better I’m going to be SOOOOOO grateful! Having said that I’m just so grateful for having success with following Perricone (which is a low GI diet) as it’s really compensated for my mostly sedentary lifestyle and I’m actually lighter and slimmer than when I was doing my full workouts.

My Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Update: Improvements and Latest Measurements

Measurements and Chronic Pain Update

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