Measurements and Chronic Pain Update

1280x720-EJMBackstory: I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for the past 5 months which is made worse when I exercise so I’ve had to severely scale back what I do, so I’m on the Perricone diet to compensate for my now sedentary lifestyle.

Since I last wrote I had 7 symptomless days in a row (for the first time since I got ill) so I tried adding a minute of leg exercises to my workout, but then I got ill again so I’m now reverting back to my previous routine which is as follows:

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises


Rodney Yee’s Advanced Yoga- Total Body Arm Balance Workout


One Tracy Anderson workout that don’t involve leg work- normally one of her full length DVD or streaming workouts minus the leg work- so mostly arms, standing abs and abs on the floor if it doesn’t involve moving my legs and if there’s a short Tracy workout that I haven’t done before I’ll add that on as well. At the moment I’m working my way through metamorphosis and adding on Tracy Anderson Free at Dawn Arms.


My health is getting better overall so I don’t mind too much that I can’t exercise (although I definitely miss it!).

I took my measurements and here is how I’ve differed since last month:

Bad news

I have gained 1cm on my waist, banana rolls and left thigh

Good news

I have gained 1 cm on my chest.

I have lost:

2cm from my vertical butt length,

1cm from my hips, upper abs, left bikini and right bikini

Taking everything into account I have lost 4cms in total.

Measurements and Latest Workout Routine

Coping with Chronic Pain Exercise Routine Version 4.0


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