Tracy Anderson Method: Where the Customer is Always Wrong

640_vid_tracy_anderson_071913I started writing this post a while ago when one of their moderators deleted my facebook post enquiring about missing streaming footage and now I feel compelled to finish this post.

I love Tracy Anderson’s workouts which makes it such a shame that a lot of people receive BAD customer service and poorly made/edited products. Because people love Tracy’s workouts so much they are willing to forgive the odd mistake or problem but what frustrates people more than anything is when they’re being fobbed off and told that the product was MEANT to be this way (when it clearly wasn’t), it was OUR mistake or worse still ignored.

On week 2 of the live streaming the workout misses 7 minutes and 47 seconds of footage as shown in this clip below. I emailed customer service and also brought this up on their Facebook page- their response? To delete my post and ignore my email.

I don’t know what they expect to gain from simply ignoring and deleting peoples genuine concerns about their product which they’ve PAID for, why don’t they address the problem rather then trying to hide it and making the people who voice their concerns feel like they’ve done something wrong or they’re not important.

On several occasions it has been felt that the company is disrespectful towards their customers.

I ordered year 3 of metamorphosis in September 2014 but it didn’t ever arrive- whenever I emailed customer service to ask where my order was the response I received was that it’ll be sent soon, no word of it being on backorder, I still hadn’t received it by the end of December so I decided to cancel the order.

Another problem has been the cardio which has been provided with each 90 day shipment of metamorphosis- as originally advertised on the site:


Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as in year 3 months 4-6; instead of an “ALL NEW” dance cardio DVD you receive the now discontinued Tracy Anderson Mini Trampoline Workout DVD which was originally sold as a stand alone product on Tracy Anderson’s website, so this resulted in a lot of people ending up with a duplicate copy of a DVD they had already bought months/years prior. The mini trampoline workout DVD became unavailable after court proceedings were brought against the company for unauthorised use of the Urban Rebounder in the DVD.


There have also been accounts of people- including myself not receiving the “ball tutorial” which was supposed to arrive in months 10-12 and then just being told by customer service a gist of what the tutorial was about rather then send out the missing DVD.

Also multiple people have received faulty mini trampolines which they have been told they are not allowed to return.

Here are some other examples of poor customer service people have received:


“I called customer service the day I received unleash your inner pop star because the cover says 50 minutes of new dance.. However it was really 25 minutes of front view dance and 26 minutes of back view dance. That still only equals 25 minutes of new dance to me. Customer service did not apologize and refused a refund because it was “my misunderstanding.” I love Tracy & her method- but I refuse to buy from her directly because I’ve had nothing besides bad experiences with her website”

I found this SO RUDE- they should just admit their mistakes and rectify the situation rather then blaming us and making us sound like we’re idiots when we’re paying customers.

This isn’t the only problem with the Unleash Your Inner Popstar DVD- on the cover is says “High calorie burn and non impact option included”. There is no non impact option included- Tracy Anderson’s people’s response to this is that the breakdown section is the non impact option- which is obviously trying to make some kind of excuse and thinking that we’ll believe it, a breakdown section is not a no impact option, it’s a breakdown section. The DVD also boasts “6 new dances” there are only 5 dances. Also there is a big problem with the editing-  the order that you learn the dance routines in the breakdown section are in a different order to when you perform them up tempo- this is the order they’re in:

1. Combination 3

2. Warm up & Combination 1

3. Combination 5

4. Combination 4

5. Combination 2

…so you will either have to skip around the routines to get your warm up in or do your warm up after you’ve already done one dance routine. This is a real shame because other then that it’s a good product- the dances are fun, the location, lighting and outfits are great, it’s a shame that customer service can’t own up to the mistakes.

Bad editing seems to be a reoccuring problem with Tracy Anderson’s DVDs- throughout metamorphosis there are multiple examples of Tracy performing a certain number of reps on one side but then a vastly different number on the other side or not even the same move on the other side, or even missing out sections completely.

“They deleted my post about missing leg sequences in a level of continuity… And again when I ordered the newest DC and it took 7 months to get it! I paid 9.95 shipping and they shipped it media mail– which only cost them. $1.41”

“I was pretty upset when paid nearly $300 for a year of continuity and their solution to give me something I paid for was “log into” and the missing leg sequence can be found there websites. Really- I paid to have it on DVD!”

And the best comment of all:

“TAs costumer service motto is “the customer is always wrong””

Now most recently the beginners section of streaming has been particularly bad.


Tracy Anderson’s Streaming now advertises itself as being “Now for Beginners too” however in the past 10 weeks since beginners streaming classes were introduced there has only been 7 beginners workouts posted. For 2 weeks there wasn’t any new content added (with no apology or explanation offered, unless you emailed them to try and find out what was going on) and this week there was an advanced streaming class added where they had simply removed the entire arms section bar the last 80 seconds and sold it as a “Beginners” class. So not are you only missing out on an arms workout and warm up but you’ll also be doing an advanced workout.

Their response? None so far- I emailed them and posted on their facebook page 15 hours ago but I’ve heard nothing in return. With the previous weeks when I emailed about the fact that a new beginners workout hadn’t been uploaded each time I got an initial response and then my follow up email when the class still hadn’t be uploaded would be ignored:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 18.38.42

 I didn’t receive a further reply

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 18.46.51Once again I didn’t receive a further reply.

With the main streaming product, streamers are grateful that cardio classes have now also been added which is a great little bonus, although it’s a shame that they’re not honouring other areas of the streaming product.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 19.18.25

As you can see in this screen grab, the streaming product is advertised as “Every Workout Wednesday will include: An intro video from Tracy…” However this soon petered out along with the quality when the intros went from being professionally shot thought out pieces to rushed recordings by Tracy Anderson filming herself on her phone. The intros became more infrequent and now there hasn’t been an intro since May 6th. We are 33 weeks into streaming but there has only been 19 intro videos. Once again people are understanding if there isn’t time for Tracy to post an intro video (for her devoted streamers that are paying $90 a month for the service) but just don’t ADVERTISE the product as having that if you’re not going to provide it.

One good point to hold onto is that the normal advanced streaming classes are still good quality and are arriving in a timely manner and I think that the advanced streaming is a really good product- probably the most fun and engaged Tracy workout you’ll ever do- however if you are interested in doing a beginners workout I would look elsewhere as you certainly won’t be getting value for money.

I’m not the only person who has felt compelled to blog about their poor experiences with Tracy Anderson customer service; A devoted Tammer and previous cheerleader of the method suggested the company stream the detox weeks (this was before live streaming came out) and as a result her facebook post was deleted and she was banned from the Tracy Anderson facebook page! You can read about her experience on her amazing blog here. Sadly this wasn’t her first run in with bad customer service from the Tracy Anderson team- you can read her post about what happened when she tried to raise the issue of people not receiving promised items for entering Tracy Anderson competitions and appearing on QVC resulting in a very rude exchange from Tracy’s assistant here

What are your thoughts? Have you received bad customer service from the Tracy Anderson Method? Do you have any suggestions of how the company can improve its customer relations so it’s in line with the amazing method? I would love to hear about your experiences.

My Encounter with Tracy Anderson and More Tales of Poor Quality Product and Bad Customer Service

22 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Method: Where the Customer is Always Wrong

  1. Illian Rain

    I do NOT understand how this has gone on so long. Really. It’s ridiculous. Love the product–when you can get it, when it’s the right one, and when it arrives in a timely fashion without any problems…

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thanks for commenting Illian- agree, it’s such a shame as like you said love the method, it’s just a shame that customer service/poor products really lets it down

  2. Carole

    I’m glad I joined your blog, otherwise I would have felt like I was alone in feeling this way! I have been doing the Live Stream since about week 15 and have not been satisfied at all. It’s been very hard to see Tracy, it seems like the least amount of money is spent on the quality and her performance seems uninspired. If I hadn’t been getting the discount, I never would have joined. I’m seriously thinking of cancelling doing the discs over again with leg weights for the early years and doubling the sessions for the ones less than an hour. Maybe after three years of that, she will have better technology. When I searched problems with TAM streaming/customer service, etc. I read a history of just this behavior. Everything starts out great initially, then goes very sour. I was hoping now that she was more successful, she wouldn’t do that again. It seems as though she’s bitten off more than she can chew-even her attitude/body language/ facial expressions in this week’s work out seems very negative and for the first time, I am not looking forward to working out. I have detailed my problems with customer service since the beginning and been positive, too, to be fair, but nothing’s improved. The FB site no longer allows posts-maybe because some weird things from what looked like porn sites were being posted? I’ll keep tabs on her if I do cancel in hopes she may get better. Right now, she looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thank you so much for following my blog. Don’t worry you’re definitely not alone!! A lot of people have felt really frustrated about the poor customer service. If you ever need to vent/reach out get in touch 🙂

      I agree that the streaming quality could be better- the angle is really unfortunate as you can’t really see what she’s doing, especially during free arms, whereas she really wants you to follow the details- wrist placements etc which is hard to follow when you’re being shot from high up and behind. In all her DVDs workouts her movements are so much clearer. It’s a shame because streaming obviously isn’t cheap. I think it would be ideal if they could film behind a 2 way mirror that way you can see Tracy from the front. I was really hoping things would improve too, especially now as they have a new CEO in charge.

      It’s weird that they’ve disabled all the facebook comments, maybe they didn’t have someone who could regulate the facebook page enough and didn’t want a space for people to leave bad comments that everyone could see?

      If you do return to meta could you try completing it with a different centric for the sake of variation?

      Let me know what you decide to do about streaming. Have you thought about getting in touch with the new CEO to let them know your concerns? I’m sure she wants to encourage more people to stay with the product and for it to be better quality?

  3. Alexis

    This is a GREAT thread. What customer service? They just ignore you. I also think streaming will cause many of her clients to bulk because it’s a big departure from her original vision. But don’t say that out loud! lol

      1. Alexis

        Streaming, I feel, will cause bulking because of the repetitive and weight-bearing exercises that are mostly plank based. Her early work had more variety in a way–you were standing up, you were on the floor, but it changed. How can streaming NOT cause bulking, if you think about it? You are on hands and knees in a plank position for nearly an hour. This is extreme weight-bearing exercise–you are supporting your own body weight. However, the first half, the arms’ section is amazing and fun. The music is good. Also, I think people still will need cardio–but after an hour+ of muscular structure streaming I also think most people will be too done in. (I still don’t get why you are all of a sudden adding heavy ankle weights, etc. and that’s another thing customer service will not answer.) The intense plank-based movements feel un-Tracy-like and more fitness-industry like; I wonder if some of her other trainers, who come from different backgrounds, are influencing the content. (I also worry this intense emphasis on plank-based leg lifts will cause injury down the road for people; it does not seem balanced.) Someone above wrote Tracy looks like she doesn’t want to be there; it feels like a certain amount of creativity, at least as far as the lower body is concerned, has evaporated. Too bad, I love, love, love her early work and it got me results like no one else. I also wish there was more cardio like her early work, which was a dancer’s paradise. 🙂

  4. Jennifer R.

    I’ve been following you for awhile… Thank you so much for posting all of this and in such great detail. I have the Meta Omnicentric…and maybe one or two others, along with the trampoline workout. Which ones do you think are the best of hers? She now has so many and has re-released the Perfect Design Series – it can be quite overwhelming!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thank you Jennifer for following me, it’s really flattering 🙂 You’re so more than welcome!! Thank you for reading and taking the time to post a comment. Yes she does have a lot of DVDs- I think the best workout DVDs are the following for various reasons-

      The Mat Workout DVD: – which is one of the first muscular structure workout dvds which she brought out is amazing!! It’s a long workout, she really takes the time to explain and break down everything and the arm work is the best arm workout she has ever released.

      Her first Post Pregnancy DVD has the best ab workout out of any of her DVDs so if you really want to work on your stomach (along with other areas) this is the best one to go for.

      For the best leg workout, great music and a great atmosphere go for the live streaming:

      If you want a progressive beginners workout go for the Mat Workout for Beginners: which has 3 workouts which slowly increase in difficulty and Tracy really breaks down and explains everything.

      So if you want to invest in a new Tracy DVD go for the mat workout and then try the others and if you are able to complete those and you’re looking for more material try out some of her other workouts.

      I wrote a list of all her DVDs she’s released, with reviews of most of them, if you have any questions let me know 🙂

      How are you getting on with metamorphosis?

      1. Jennifer R.

        I started with Meta Omni a couple years ago. I started and stopped multiple times, finally making it through to the 3rd dvd, and then I stopped. I also got the trampoline and the trampoline workout through QVC, but unfortunately my basement ceiling is too low. I thought about doing it in my garage, but that never really took hold either. I’m not exactly sure why… I did like the workouts and there is no deny the “look” one gets when they are fully immersed in The Method. I started taking a Zumba class for the cardio component as the Dance Cardio is decent, but I needed something “more” that changed more often. So then I got Zumba on the Xbox Kinect and between the classes and workouts at home Zumba just took over. Then I tried to get my hubby into working out and suggested T25 from Beachbody, and that was all she wrote… I’ve been doing various Beachbody programs ever since. Right now I’m doing Cize, which is a dance program from them, and seeing your posts made me start thinking that mat work would be a great addition to Cize and allow me to maintain/build my muscle tone. I started looking into it again, and reading your posts and seeing the #tamily on Instagram… there is just no deny that TAM is effective and leads to a strong elongated body. There are different ways to get fit and they are going to show in different ways on our bodies – I just like the look that TAM workouts produce. So I’ve been thinking I want to come back, just not sure if I want to do Meta again, or one of the new workouts, or finally get the PDS… too many options!

        I think also I got a way from TAM due to the customer service and discrepancies with the products, etc. I myself had to request a replacement dvd for my 2nd Meta Omni disk as it would skip, not play correctly. Looking online at the time that seemed to be a recurring issue. The OCD/perfectionist in me has a hard time with inconsistencies with her programs (different number of reps on different sides, statements on dvds that are incorrect/outright wrong, lack of information, etc. I can overlook some things, but as her company has grown I’m shocked at the lack of improvement. And when someone says they are going to do something, I expect them to! Reading your latest post certainly disappoints me… she needs to hire a small team that keeps a watchful eye on delivering on promises and accurately portraying products, etc., never-mind staying cognizant of what is said on social media. If I didn’t really like the TAM, etc. or if I was completely new to it, after doing some research I would have been completely put off by it all.

        Thank you again for being so informative and thorough for all things TA and TAM… keep it coming!!

      2. ljgodbolt Post author

        Wow! So you’ve definitely tried a lot with Tracy and there’s been some stopping and starting. I think if you want to come back to Tracy again and have found it hard to commit in the past you should do one of her other DVDs rather then getting into metamorphosis again. Have you thought about just doing them in chronological order? I wasn’t that keen on the Perfect Design Series- the movements are good but the DVD’s slow trippy chill out music drives me insane!!! And I don’t like the way it’s shot either. I was so pleased whenever I finished my 10 workouts of the DVDs. But then again some people like it so you never know. Have you thought about ordering her DVDs from a different website like Amazon, that way you don’t have to deal with the company’s poor quality customer service? And just going ahead with the DVDs that have good reviews? You’re so welcome, I will definitely keep all the TA stuff coming 🙂

      3. Jennifer R.

        I started back with Meta, only to now suddenly have what feels like a pinched nerve in my lower back… good grief. Taking a day or 2 off hoping this sorts itself out, then I may try that recommended Mat workout. I found it on YouTube so I can try it and see if I like it. Yes, I def think the music would drive me insane too… I know we can always listen to our own, but it must still be decent.

        Thanks again!

  5. Mia

    I’m 16 months postpartum and was waiting impatiently to finally start with Tracy’s workouts. I’ve had a diastasis recti and had to heal that first and now after months I can finally do normal exercises. I was so excited to start with her DVDs, but reading about the bad customer service is a real bummer. Any tips on how to start ?

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Mia,

      That’s great that you can exercise again and congratulations on your baby/one year old. Don’t let the bad customer service put you off trying Tracy’s method, hopefully you’ll really enjoy it and reap some amazing results. You could order her DVDs off amazon/another website other than the Tracy Anderson one to avoid the bad customer service. If I was you I would personally start off with her Post Pregnancy DVD. Obviously you’re post pregnancy and it’s a nice slow pace and Tracy really takes the time to explain and nurse you through each move so you won’t feel like you’re being thrown in the deep end. It’s still an effective workout though and the ab work is amazing!

      Let me know how you get on and if you have any further questions

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      No way really?! There doesn’t seem to be any pictures of Tracy at the vitality week, although I can only find one pic which is with Evan and Janelle with the group……

  6. Autumn

    Hi, I feel your pain for dealing with TA customer service. I love the workouts, but the lousy “customer service” is just so awful and rude it makes me angry!!! Ugh!! They are completely inflexible, rude, and overall plain useless. Thanks for the post! Good luck!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Awww thanks Autumn! I’ve just written a post about my recent experiences with complaining/relationship with the method etc Sorry to hear you’re having a rubbish time with the customer disservice department too!

  7. Alexis

    We’re back to the lag in cardio on streaming again. Why did she ever promise more cardio and then fail to provide it? The last cardio was 1.5 months ago now. Why recommend cardio as imperative to the “method” and then not keep your clients happy with new, motivating cardio? You should write a blog post on the false promises and the strange thing called cardio. lol

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Alexis- I’m totally with you! I’ve literally just written a new blog post that includes this- let me know what you think and if there’s anything else that needs covering 🙂


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