October 2015: New Tracy Anderson DVDs on the Way


***UPDATE*** Cardio Dance Express review here

In case you didn’t already know Tracy Anderson has some new DVDs coming out! Yes new DVDs- plural 😀

It looks like she’s going to be releasing more dance cardio:

AND muscular structure (see weights and wrist/ankle weights in the picture below):

Oh Tracy you do spoil us.

Her last DVD releases were Method Express (muscular structure) and Slim + Sculpt Cardio  (dance cardio and muscular structure) which were both filmed at the same Greek island style building:

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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So a nice clean white backdrop with Tracy styled in cotton fresh sporty clothing which is a stark contrast to these new DVDs which appear to be shot in a warehouse/factory setting with distressed walls:

And Tracy is styled in sleek and bondage style clothing:

I love this 90s Versace style look:

This is a return to the industrial meets polished style of Tracy’s 2014 release Unleash Your Inner Popstar which is definitely her best looking DVD to date:

Be sure to check @goop today for an exclusive preview of the new dance aerobics DVD!

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It looks like the new cardio is going to be choreographed dance cardio (where you’re taught a routine which you will then perform with Tracy up to tempo) as opposed to her “follow along” dance cardio which she employs in 30 Day Method, Metamorphosis, Video Streaming (aka TA Real Time) and 2 of her stand alone cardio DVD releases: Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance for Beginners and Tracy Anderson Dance + Cardio

So if this is a new choreographed dance cardio DVD it will join her 5 other purely choreographed dance cardio DVDs: Dance AerobicsDance Cardio WorkoutBeginner Dance CardioDance Cardio 2 and Unleash Your Inner Popstar. There is a single choreographed dance routine in Teen Meta but the majority of the DVD is muscular structure workouts.

Here is what the new DVD covers might look like:


And here are all the other shots of the video shoot:


"Action." Says Director Dunea. Take it away Ms. @tracyandersonmethod.

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****UPDATE More info available! News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

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