News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs


***UPDATE*** Cardio Dance Express review here

Tracy is bringing out a new book and DVDs- yippee!

In this new clip Tracy talks about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and her forthcoming book:

I loved her previous book “30 Day Method” which is a godsend for those who want to further immerse themselves in the world of the Tracy Anderson Method and gain clarity of her unique approach to shaping the body. The 30 Day Method gave a backstory to the method and included a 30 day bootcamp with a workout DVD.


Going by the clip it seems that this new book may be similar to Cameron Diaz’s “The Body Book” in that it focuses on looking after yourself as a whole but also champions Tracy’s newer message (the older being “teeny tiny” and “perfection is possible”) to “be your best you”. Be the best you can be, not to aspire to whatever other people have and just mirror whatever habits they may have even though they may not be the best or work for you i.e blindly following celebrity trends. This is such great news for Tracy fans, especially those of us who eagerly read all of her interviews for hopes of more snippets of her wisdom. There’s no release date for this book at the moment and as Tracy says she’s still currently writing it so we may have to wait a while.

The good news though is it’s not long until we get some new DVDs!

Following on from my previous post: New Tracy Anderson DVDs on the Way. These DVDs now have names, covers and are currently due for release on 29th December.


The muscular structure DVD is called “Targeted Training Bootcamp”- I wonder if they struggle to come up with new names?! Going by the name targeted training is probably another way of saying “Precision Toning” in that the workouts will focus on targeting specific areas.

maxresdefaultI’m not really sure what the bootcamp refers to- Tracy initially hosted a bootcamp in New York for members of the public during the period when she was training with Madonna, before Tracy’s career really sky rocketed, but I don’t think this DVD workout is going to be similar. Also her first book “The 30 Day Method” was described by Tracy as a bootcamp book- so a relatively short, intensive, and rigorous course of training, which was certainly true as the muscular structure workouts alone (without cardio) lasted over an hour, with Tracy encouraging you to work up to 60 reps of each move and to do the workout every day with no rest days for the full 30 days. And this DVD includes 3 muscular structure workouts each progressing in difficulty.


So I would be really surprised if those terms could be applied to this forthcoming workout DVD in that most of her stand alone workout DVDs (so not metamorphosis or streaming) are beginner to intermediate levels, not really extreme exercise, I’m thinking they just decided to throw the word “Bootcamp” in there as a catchy term.

Onto the content- this DVD includes “3 focused workouts” which focus on individual areas: Abs, glutes and hips and thighs. So this will be similar to “Precision Toning” and “Method Express” which sections off different workouts to different body parts. In Precision Toning there are 4 individual 15 minute workouts- Arms, Legs, Butt and Abs but Tracy does encourage you if you have the time to combine all the workouts together to make it a full hour. In Method Express there are 6 individual 10 minute workouts- Arms and shoulders, Butt, Abs, Legs, and then Upper body and Lower body, once again if you have the time Tracy encourages you to combine these all together to make your workout a full hour. So I’m guessing that this workout will be an hour divided into 3x 20 minute sections.

Now for all of those panicking that Tracy has forgotten about your arms don’t worry I’m sure that she will include an arm workout/warm up into these workouts.

Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Onto the cardio DVD:


The new Cardio DVD is called “Cardio Dance Express” they’re really running out of names now! Similar to “Method Express” in that it is (and exactly the same wording) “6 Efficient 10 Minute Workouts”. Other Tracy Anderson cardio DVDs that have been broken into smaller sections are Dance + Cardio which is 2X 30 minute workouts, Cardio Dance for Beginners which is 4X 15 minute workouts and Slim + Sculpt Cardio which is 3X 20 minute workouts but one of them includes muscular structure. So Tracy’s DVDs really seem to currently be targeting the time poor with their options of doing a shorter workout. I wonder how much longer she’ll continue this theme for, now that the workouts have been broken into 30 minute, 20 minute, 15 minute and now 10 minute segments it’s hard to see where she will go from here.

Another question is what sort of cardio will this be? We already know that it’ll be dance cardio but will it be choreographed or “following along” steps like most of her other DVDs of late, or will it be a combination of the two? Can’t wait to see!

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout


6 thoughts on “News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs

  1. Me

    Well, I just wasted ten dollars on her new Method Express Cardio video. UGH!!! It is terrible.

    Ideally, she wants one to start with 10 minutes and add another interval until one can do all six for a 60 minute cardio workout. Problem is, there’s no way to get 60 minutes of nonstop cardio. Each “ten minute” cardio interval begins with a warmup and ends with a cooldown. As an example, here is the breakdown of the first interval:

    1:00 to 1:35 warmup (arms and stretching)
    1:35 to 7:55 routine (at 7:55 she says, “That was NOT an easy 10 minutes!” She’s not lying — it was an easy 6.5 minutes!)
    Then she says, “We’re going to work on your endurance here,” and goes into 38 seconds of jumping jacks — oh boy, how challenging (not). And then the rest is cooldown arms and stretching.

    Then interval two begins with another warmup.

    She teaches each cardio “routine” in pieces, sometimes stopping to break it down. Of course, the heartrate comes down here. I love how DC I, DC II, and Unleash are separated into the teaching part and the performing part.

    Speaking of which, Interval 5 is DC I routine #2. But it doesn’t feel as fun because she is talking through it and building up to the whole routine, it’s not as good of music, and she doesn’t really perform as in DC I. It feels “flat” and boring to me.

    Overall a big disappointment and I’ll be sticking with my old favorites of DC I and II and Unleash with Pandora cardio mix. Not even going to bother with TAva.

    1. Me

      One more correction (just in case anyone ever reada this before buying the dvd): Interval 5 is DC I combination #3, not #2.

    2. ljgodbolt Post author

      They should definitely be a way of playing these discs “non stop” where it skips the talking to camera bit at the beginning (I’m guessing then it would actually be less than an hour).

      Haha you’re so funny! I love it when you said “she’s not lying- it was an easy 6.5 minutes!” and about how lame the “endurance” of 38 seconds of jumping jacks was! Do you think she just ran out of things to say?!

      Yes I agree it’s better to seperate the teaching from the actual dance part like Unleash etc, maybe she’s done it to cut down on filming time so it’s “technically” an hour long, even though some of it is teaching- sneaky! Or maybe as a positive it could be for people who can’t be bothered to learn the choreography bit and just want to do the workout.

      I was really disappointed that she repeats a dance from her dance cardio DVD too, talk about recycling content and making you pay for it twice!! Are they that disorganised that she doesn’t realise that she’s already put it out on a DVD?!

      I will buy Tava and I’ll let you know exactly what it’s like so you can judge whether to get it or not (I really need low impact stuff at the moment) although the review might be a while coming to you as I’ve only been able to build myself up to 9 minutes cardio (slow recovery at the moment!).

      I love hearing all your thoughts on the workouts, keep them coming 🙂

      1. Me

        Thanks for the response!

        So, I actually tried the dvd out last night ( as opposed to just watching it) and felt quite frustrated. Even though it is chaptered, I had to keep stopping to go to the next chapter, fast forward through the warmup and get going again. It would be nice to have all the warmups at the beginning and all the cooldowns at the end instead of the beginning and end of each ten minutes.

        Also, I kept the audio on istead of using my Pandora cardio mix. Big mistake. Besides her goofy platitudes, “I know this is SO hard, and I’m SO proud of you!” as we’re step touching . . . she cues left and right and mixes them up. I think we’re all used to her “from the front” cuiing where she is facing us and talking about her left and right . . . Well, she does that sometime and then randomly switches to “mirroring” (saying left for our left even though she is raising her right). Pick one and use it throughout!

        Let us know about TAva. I think it could be fun for those who enjoy or need low impact. Low impact tends to frustrate me.

        By the way, I found something else fun: Dance Tutorials Live on youtube. Granted, you only learn a 40 second dance routine, so not a workout, but I find them pretty fun (not that I’d let anyone see me doing them though!).

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