You know you’re a TAMMER when….

tamily-graphic-600x600Your significant other has become accustomed to all of the different Tracy music and Tracy sayings: “Good job!”

You will only move into accommodation that has hardwood floors- no carpet!!

You use words like “Tammers”,

You say “I’m just going to do some Tracy”.

You have to mentally stop yourself from breaking out a Tracy Anderson dance routine when you’re in the club.


You start assessing other people’s bodies as belonging to different centrics- “she’s definitely glutecentric”

You don’t really want to participate in activities that might undo your Tracy results “no thank you I won’t sign up to that marathon”.

You love buying new trainers/workout wear.

When pressed for time you’ve done standing abs in the toilet cubicle at work.

You know what demi plie and attitude position mean.


It’s a real joy when you find a new piece of music you like to add to your cardio playlist.

You start noticing poor skin tone on certain athletes “If only s/he did Tracy s/he’d be sorted out!”

You have a spare room dedicated to working out in and when you have guests staying you rearrange the furniture in your own room to make space for your workout.

Although you support your non tammer friends in whatever exercise regime they might be following you secretly know it’s not as good as yours!

Whenever you arrange to go away you mentally work out how you’re going to pack what you need for your workouts “Can I take my stick with me?”


Sometimes you worry about staying in places that don’t have a chair.

Every Wednesday you eagerly check and then constantly refresh Tracy’s website for the new streaming vid.

You’re still holding out for the “little sheet” as mentioned in the Hamptons webside.

You totally downplay what a Tracy maniac you are.

You wished that you lived in your own detached house so you didn’t have to worry about the neighbours complaining about your music/jumping around.


Your motivation to own your own home is driven by Tracy releasing her super G flooring rather than making an investment.

You wish you didn’t feel so sick when you did headstands.

You’ve witness Tracy constantly contradict herself but you still support her.

The people who live with you have watched you do free arms and wondered what the hell you were doing.


You’ve considered buying yourself a running machine just so you can do treadmill dancing on it.

You’ve done treadmill dancing in the gym and received funny looks/remarks.

You bought a broom handle.

You wonder when the right time is to introduce a new guy in your life to Tracy.

Your life’s quest is to find a meta band that won’t snap!


You wear your workout clothes more then your normal clothes.

You’ve bought socks and underwear specifically for working out in.

None of your trousers fit anymore- not through weight loss but because your backside is so small and lifted now!

People assume you must be naturally thin or you don’t eat much.

You have an insane appetite.


You go through tonnes of coconut water.

You almost lead a double life with secret/separate accounts for your TAMs ONLY instagram/twitter/facebook.

You think it’s pathetic when you hear people making poor excuses for why they can’t work out “It’s too hard” “I can’t afford to” “I’m too busy” (when they’re clearly not).

You buy amazing workout outfits even though no one ever sees you in them.

You worked out on your wedding day/birthday/christmas day.

PP n tracy1

You bought some prtty peaushun

You bought a venus razor

You considered buying an xbox one

You feel sorry for people who sneer at Tracy Anderson “If only they knew!”

You’ve pissed your house mates off by having the heating too high.


You’re over the moon that Tracy brought out Pregnancy Project- at last I can have a baby!!

You bought teen meta despite the fact you’re not a teenager

If you don’t get your workout in you feel a bit blah.

Not only do you follow Tracy on instagram but you also follow all of her trainers.

You will get up early to exercise pre long haul flight and have even attempted free arms while onboard.


You’re trying to coax your husband/boyfriend into doing Tracy man friendly workouts.

You plan to travel internationally just to go to one of Tracy’s studios.

You have Tracy related dreams.

You’ll buy a magazine purely for the Tracy exercises inside.

Your hair is nearly always up.


You LOVE it when Tracy does a new web/ tv segment and beg your US friends to record it for you.

You don’t recognise your body in photographs- Is that what I really look like?

You have two showers a day.

Dry Shampoo is your best friend.

You will exercise through flu/heartbreak/tiredness/stress.


You really want to buy a Kings of Cole hoodie.

There’s a random chair in your house that doesn’t match any of your other furniture.

You’ve used plates to exercise with.

You gave the 30 day method 5 out of 5 on goodreads.

You get really annoyed when something prevents you from exercising.


You wished you’d discovered Tracy in 2007, despite the fact that her first DVD wasn’t made available in your country.

You don’t have a gym membership- what’s the point?

You’re encountered some crazy cross fitters who seem to have some bad beef with Tracy!

You associate sweat with achievement rather then being icky and gross.

You’ve had knee problems/shin splints.

You’ve challenged the buff guys in your life to try and get through Tracy free arms and laughed at them when they fail.

You own 10+ workout outfits.

You hope Tracy teaches Penny the secrets of the method so the workouts will go on forever.

You have loads of Tracy workout DVDs that you’ll never use again but you don’t really want to get rid of them.

You roll your eyes when people laugh at your mini weights claiming that they “won’t do anything”.


You’ve become way too familiar with your own floor.

The metamorphosis music haunts your dreams

You wonder if they will bring out baby meta.

You are literally desperate for any new cardio.

You would really like a new rebounder dvd.


You wonder how Franz Kafka knew about Tracy’s method.

You secretly suspect your body will never age because you do the Tracy Anderson method.

You’re suddenly familiar with all of these US stars that you wouldn’t have normally known about eg Sally Pressman, Jenni Konner

Although you’re happy that Anna Kaiser has started her company part of you wishes she had stayed with Tracy because she’s just so nice!

You’d love it if your favourite celebrities worked with Tracy- Britney!!!

8 thoughts on “You know you’re a TAMMER when….

  1. elizabeth neill

    I am definitely in this Tammergroup and wish I could travel to the USA to do a vitality week . I just cant get enough TA. My all time favourite is the matt DVD plus some cardio. My life has been transformed and at 52 am fitter younger and better than ever.


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