Measurements and Latest Workout Routine

TAAt last! I FINALLY finished my Rodney Yee Advanced Yoga Arm Balance DVD! And by finished I mean I did it 10 times with no longer then a week’s break in between sessions. This was my third attempt so I’m glad to have finally finished it.

So this is what my new routine looks like:

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises

1 hour walk (when I’m not in pain)


One Tracy Anderson workout that don’t involve leg work- normally one of her full length DVD or streaming workouts minus the leg work- so mostly arms, standing abs and abs on the floor if it doesn’t involve moving my legs and if there’s a short Tracy workout that I haven’t done before I’ll add that on as well. At the moment I’m doing the arms and abs section from either advanced or beginners streaming and adding on Tracee Ellis Ross’s arms.



I’ll skip Tracy and do some sort of yoga workout, I’ve finished all my DVDs so I’m not really sure where to progress from here, I don’t particularly want to go to any yoga classes as I find yoga flow really boring and repetitive, I’d love to do SUP yoga but unfortunately there aren’t any of those classes running at the moment, I’d also like to do acro yoga but since my husband dropped me when we last did this I only really want to do this in a supervised class or at least one with soft mats, but annoyingly everywhere seem to want you to book in advance and since my health is quite on and off I don’t know if I’m going to be able to commit and I won’t be in pain the day of the class. So for the time being it looks like I’ll just be rotating my yoga DVDs at home. Although the dream would be (if I had enough money) to have one on one private lessons with a yoga teacher and learn how to do every single yoga move.



So since I last wrote I weighed myself and took my measurements a couple of times here is what they look like:

November This is how I differed since October:



2cm on my right bikini

1cm on my abdomen

1kg (2lbs)


1cm off my waist

2cm off my chest

Overall I gained 3cms in total

December. This is how I’ve differed since November

I have..


1 cm on my banana rolls

1cm on my vertical butt length

3cm on my chest (yay!)


1 cm off my shoulders

1cm off my lower stomach

1cm off my right bikini

It seems like my body has just been shifting around because taking in all my measurements overall there isn’t much difference.

Over Christmas I definitely gained a bit of weight as I had a few Perricone unfriendly meals but thankfully the weight came back off quite easily. Annoyingly I’m having to have a lot of blood tests recently and after you have a blood taken you’re not supposed to lift anything heavy for the rest of the day and as I always feel pretty weak and light headed afterwards, no doubt thanks to having low iron anyway, so I have to skip my exercise for that day. I probably should be organised and get up early and do my exercise before I have my blood taken, I will try to do so in the future. I’ve found that going for a walk for an hour on days that I’m not in pain is making a difference. Health wise I’m definitely continuing to get better and I really can’t wait for the day that I can start doing more exercise 🙂

Measurements and Chronic Pain Update

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One thought on “Measurements and Latest Workout Routine

  1. Jennifer R.

    Have you tried Tara Stiles for yoga? She has different types of workouts you can purchase and download as well as books. I have one of her yoga books (one for poses for ailments) plus both her health/nutrition books. Highly recommend. Feel better soon!


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