My Encounter with Tracy Anderson and More Tales of Poor Quality Product and Bad Customer Service

19bqejslbwliupngI had my first Instagram exchange with Tracy!!

Ok this sounds like a wonderful moment, but unfortunately it wasn’t really!

The back story: This week one of the tammers on Facebook pointed out that the latest beginners streaming class was in fact an old advanced streaming class with the end cut off. As previously mentioned in my “Tracy Anderson Method: Where the customer is always wrong” post, customer service are really bad at responding to emails, in fact the last two emails that I sent them got no response whatsoever.

As for a customer service/product quality update; since my last post they both continued to be awful. I hadn’t bothered updating you guys previously as it was getting so repetitive with all the problems, but here’s a quick breakdown:

  • No replies to emails, or just automated replies with no further response
  • Masterclasses being posted later and later (not even on Wednesday local US time)
  • An announcement from Tracy Anderson that EVERY WEEK there would be a new beginners workout and a new cardio workout:Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 15.01.20 which very quickly seemed to be forgotten, as weeks went by without a new beginners workout and there hasn’t been a new cardio workout since December 16th- at the moment that’s coming up to 2 months ago- I know ridiculous!! Why bother going to all the trouble of making an announcement about new weekly content if you can’t be bothered to keep up with it?! It’s really turning into a farce.
  • A vitality week which Tracy turned up almost an hour late to most days, with no apology, she also didn’t perform the amount of exercise content as advertised- even doing as little as 10 minutes cardio and then leaving without talking to any of the attendees who had spent a lot of money and travelled for the experience, effectively giving Tracy a free holiday as she would do the workout everyday whether they was an audience in front of her not.
  • Some tammers have felt hurt and discluded as there was a free secret Vitality week for a selected group of tammers- where there didn’t seem to be a particular selection criteria- certain tammers couldn’t understand why other people who had been with the method for a vastly shorter amount of time then them had been chosen over them, and attendees were told not to publicly discuss the vitality week and if they had written comments on social media about it to delete them! I personally don’t have a problem that these people got to enjoy a free vitality week with Tracy but do question why this was conducted the way it was and as an effect rather then bringing people together it caused divides between “the selected ones” and ones that couldn’t understand why they had been left out and the feeling of a secret clique- even though the method is supposed to be for everyone.

This bad customer relations conflicts with the messages on Tracy’s website and Instagram posts:

“Quite simply I am here for you”

“I am in the business of really serving each of you with integrity….Your health, self esteem, connection to yourself, and most important your happiness. That means the most to me”

Anyway, back to the recycled streaming content, I decided to message Tracy on instagram as this seemed the best way of reaching her and had worked before when I posted about a streaming video that had the beginning missing:

(After I posted it the entire video was uploaded including the beginning, although no explanation was given as to why an advanced class was posted in the beginners.)

To my amazement Tracy actually responded!

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 15.26.21

So of course I instantly DM’d Tracy in response but got nothing! Two weeks have passed and she hasn’t even SEEN my message!


I commented on the same post again saying that I had DM’d as requested and included the contents of the message but still zip.

Other tammers who had responded to me that had seen my comment to Tracy seemed to fall into three camps:

  1. How dare you question Tracy, she is the oracle (kind of not really adhering to the whole #gybg got your back girl thing, but oh well!) To those tammers- I love Tracy’s method too! It would just be nice to get some communication! But wonderful that you’re so happy with the product that you’re receiving and customer service, I would love to be as endlessly happy and grateful as you 🙂
  2. We’re happy with what we’re getting but understand your point of view.
  3. Totally get it.

And by totally get it- as outlined in my other customer service post- I mean… although we love Tracy’s workouts so much and are totally more than willing to forgive the odd mistake or problem what frustrates people more than anything is when they feel like they’re being fobbed off, in this case being given old content and pretending it’s new as if we wouldn’t realise. We would LOVE to hear from Tracy’s people, if there’s a special reason why this weeks class is the repeat of another streaming class PLEASE communicate that with us, otherwise what are we supposed to think?! Yes we love you and we’re grateful for the product as I’m sure you’re grateful for our brand loyalty and money, but please be respectful towards your customer base. We don’t want the moon on the stick, we just want what is advertised (what we’re PAYING for) and if that can’t be delivered some communication/compensation. Another tammer really helpfully summed this up by saying “I am just wondering what is the purpose behind this cut. We just request a clarification as customers and committed to her method.”

In the absence of a communication from the company about this other people have been defending the company and coming up with excuses/reasons as to why we’re getting the same content again, it’s worrying as I feel like people have so much blind faith in whatever we’re dealt that it’s getting to the point where if a tammer bought a Tracy Anderson DVD that turned out to be blank they would justify this as “Oh this means Tracy wants me to take a week off”!

Anyway I felt a bit left out on a limb as others felt the same as I did but as I was the only one to comment on her post I can only imagine that in Tracy’s eyes I was the only one complaining and needed to change my perspective. Thankfully I got some really nice direct messages- no not from Tracy but from other tammers who were really sweet and supportive and felt the same way. And then a little while later another tammer stood up for me and also commented on Tracy’s post which was really kind and I actually felt like she had my back girl!

IMG_3909 (1)

Although subsequently that comment got deleted, spooky!

I also got lots of lovely comments on an instagram post I made about about the same topic

Another person got in touch and phrased it really succinctly: She’s just a person she’s not our friend, she’s also not friends with the girls that stand by her no matter what her mistakes. Also if you just delete or keep yourself hidden from critique you’re not improving your product, there are only a handful of outspoken tammers and they’re not enough to keep the business afloat. She shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. Why have we put her on a pedestal and not other inventors or makers of other products we enjoy?

Other people have said that the Tracy Anderson phenomenon is like a weird cult where it’s all supposed to be about women supporting women until someone speaks up about bad customer service or makes a criticism towards the product and then they’re ganged up on. Even more strangely there are cases of Tracy Anderson “moles” or “spies”- tammers who don’t work for the company but report back private conversations (whether it be on private facebook groups or other private messages) to the company if they feel that someone has said something anti Tracy. Yep seriously cultish behaviour! And I have actually personally experienced this after I complained to others in a private facebook group about how badly customer service were dealing (or not dealing as the case was) with overcharging me and subsequently one of Tracy’s people reached out and contacted me over what I had said in the group- bizzarro!

Someone else got in touch and thanked me for trying to improve things, but they didn’t want to publicly say anything as they were scared of the TA defenders and also feared they would get their streaming cut off! So sweet and so hilarious! Although it’s been compared to a cult they definitely won’t turn away paying customers for having a gripe about one of the products! At least I hope not!!

Although it would’ve been wonderful to have hoards of others also publicly support what I was saying and express what they had complained about privately, it honestly doesn’t matter, I so believe in speaking up for what you think it right and standing up for yourself even if it isn’t welcomed by others and puts you in the line of fire. Okay I totally know that this whole thing sounds way over the top- comparing commenting an instagram post to standing up for what you believe in and not being knocked down by others, but my justification is that as someone who does the Tracy Anderson Method daily, has invested time and money in the product, follows Tracy on social media, gets excited about new interviews and new releases, has introduced friends to the method, writes about the method on this blog and interacts with other TAMMERS so frequently like many of us others do, it feels like we have a relationship with Tracy/the company ,so feels very real.

So….. I don’t really know what to think now! Am I being ejected from the TAM kingdom Parker Wallace style?! By the way I love that girl! It was nice to get comments of support from other tammers who although didn’t feel the same way were being reassuring and said how much they liked me/my account and even that they were sure Tracy loved me! I wish that THEY were running the company! But also worry… have we become so wrapped up in the method/misguided that we take even a rude response from Tracy as a compliment?!

I don’t really know what to do now… I considered stepping away from the #gybg comp as I didn’t really feel like the Tracy Anderson company really has my back. It’s also not being authentic (funnily enough one of Tracy’s #gybg themes). I now don’t know whether to continue posting about the Tracy Anderson Method. Right after it happened I couldn’t even look at all my Tracy Anderson DVDs and equipment without wanting to hurl them out of my house! I don’t have quite so much of an extreme reaction now, but it has definitely tainted the way I feel about Tracy and the method. Unfortunately there are plenty of others who love the method but feel disillusioned with it’s creator. Other Tammers who have been through similar experiences have either stepped away from the method, been initially angry but through time their distaste has mellowed, or have resolved to still continue with the method as a form of exercise but have made the decision not to support it publicly.

Should I also stop publicly supporting the method or should I stay in it for the other Tamily who do seem to appreciate me? The thing is I do want to be there for the Tamily and any others who are trying to navigate the crazy world of health and fitness and looking after yourself. I think we should all be there for each other- we have more in common with each other than a millionaire who we are customers of. It has been great being able to meet and chat to so many other wonderful women who follow the method, whether that be through instagram, facebook groups that have been set up (the comments section on her official facebook page has been deleted) and the Tracy Anderson community that used to exist on her website.

All I know is I do love the method and I will keep doing it but I suppose that doesn’t mean I have to love or support every single aspect surrounding it. You can definitely separate the two. Eg I don’t support the way Alfred Hitchcock treated some of his leading ladies- ie Tippi Hedren- in fact he was appalling! However I think he’s an amazing director and would buy his films. But then again there are countless examples of people boycotting individuals/politicians/artists and their products if they don’t agree with how they behave/their views/lifestyle/past mistakes etc.

Would love to hear from you guys! I almost feel like setting up a support group(!) –

Have YOU been a victim of a TAMMER attack?

Have YOU been banished from the TAM Kingdom?!

Does this happen with any other companies/exercise groups?!

Although it didn’t exactly work for me (although it was great to hear from so many other people who felt the same) it is worthwhile contacting Tracy on Instagram when you’re unable to get anywhere with customer service as a tammer was recently pleased to find out after the company suddenly decided to stop taking payments from her card, thankfully since commenting on Tracy’s instagram this issue has now been resolved.

44 thoughts on “My Encounter with Tracy Anderson and More Tales of Poor Quality Product and Bad Customer Service

  1. ticklwench

    Yup. The reason I gave it up! I was in metamorphis year 3 and wasn’t getting my DVDs but still getting charged. Customer service never responded yet I was still getting charged. In the end I had to cut if my credit card and get a new one. Now if I want to do TAM I get onto You Tube and don’t feel guilty as I was left out of pocket about $300. Get onto a new programme. Can highly recommend Barre 3 or The Barre Method streaming. It sucks I know but I felt ripped off and unheard. I also went to LA last year and was staying with a friend in Brentwood right around the corner from her studio. I emailed them and said I had been a TAMMER for years and would love to take 1 class and they said I would need to join the studio for $500. Said u was just there for a week and no response so I went in and they treated me like a piece of dirt and I left feeling dejected. Sorry to hear this is still happening to people. Time to move on to better service @fittygram 😥❤️

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      I can’t believe that they owe you $300!!! That is completely disgusting! Did you try to do anything to get your money back? I can’t believe that they can get away with that and how unfair it is 😦 Sorry they were so rude to you at the studios too. I would totally move on to something else but I’m yet to find something that has the same results, if I did I would move onto something else in a heartbeat. What is Barre 3 and The Barre Method like? Is it similar? What sort of results have you had from it?

      1. ticklwench

        Yes emailed and finally called the US to be told they would send me a refund. Never received and didn’t want to waste more money in international calls. I’ve had great results with Barre. Less impact but super toning. I also found with TAM that my back was always hurting from the twisting moves. Burr Leonard at the Barre Method is great. For a low impact workout it packs a punch! Both Barre 3 and the Barre Method stream but videos are available whenever you want. I still do TAM occasionally and enjoy it but got left with a nasty taste after customer service.

  2. Jennifer

    @ticklwench TAM studios now have a drop in option. I’m not a TAM defender but just thought I’d clarify. I myself have been denied access to their studios before the drop-in option was made available so I went to body by Simone instead. The next time I visit NYC I’ll drop by the tribeca studio and take a class. Her trainer Maria says that they do post the drop in classes up to 2 weeks in advance.

    @fittygram I love this post and the other one about TAM’s bad customer service – it seems to be the one thing that she’s still trying (or not) to work through. I complain via email to the streaming email address but now have stopped trying and started experimenting with other methods.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      What other methods have you tried experimenting with and have you had any success? Thank you for commenting and so glad you love this post 🙂 I got sick of getting no response through emails, it all seems so futile!

  3. Lisa

    Wow I had the exact opposite experience at the Brentwood Studio. They couldn’t of been more lovely or more welcoming, initially on the email and more so in person. I met Stacey who was super gracious and lovely. I certainly look forward to going again next time I’m in LA.
    Also I always receive emails back from customer service and any issues I’ve had (missing hand weight), are immediately followed up on and sent to me.
    Just passing on my experience.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Lisa, Glad to hear that you’ve had positive experiences and that the bad customer service isn’t universal. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m so jealous that customer service actually respond to you!

  4. nanyamkagetsfit

    I completely understand. I have followed the method for eight years. I was there when she had her community webpage before streaming came out. I am now following the community on face book. Several years ago I have made statements about some of the things she has said that I did not think was right and I did get attacked by the community. I was actually crying!!!! The community had meant so much to me and to get verbally attacked hurt me. I feel that people are so in love with Tracy and her method that they fail to see the flaws and come up with excuses for everything. She is a charismatic. People follow charismatic people. She is also blond and has the ideal figure most females want to achieve. Those are big pluses in today’s society because believe me if it had been a girl who was not blond and had different characteristics that did not meet what society terms as beautiful people would not stick around to follow. I am just keeping it real. I do not feel it is right to be an hour late for a Vitality week. People are paying a lot of money for those weeks. I also do not feel it is right for people who just got into TAM to be recognized while long time TAMMERs are not even noticed. I have learned to keep my mouth shut while on the community. I don’t want to get attacked and it hurts. TAMMERS do not see my side. Even when I know for a fact some of the stuff she puts out is completely bogus I remain silent. It is a mini cult and addiction. I see Tracy on instagram, and watch interviews with her and I think wow she seems sweet but why am I hearing other stories about her. Who is the real Tracy??? I think i will finish the three months with streaming and then step away from the Method. I already paid for streaming and I was told I have to have a 3 month commitment. I can’t continue to support a company that does not seem completely legit. The truth of the matter if a dvd came and it was a blank faithful TAMMERS would saId I trust in the method. She wants me to relax this week. That is how I felt for years when I pointed things out and got attacked. There was an excuse for everything.

    1. Alexis

      It’s true, for a while the streaming people were looking really bulky because they were doing too many planks. In the past months there has been more variety in the moves, less plank based, and you can see people have leaned out a bit. Are you serving the method, or is the method serving you? Anyway, when I expressed my questions about the bulking in a forum everyone totally freaked. I thought we love movement, and were curious about how movement works–guess not so much. Someone said something like, “well, tracy is very successful so you shouldn’t question her.” lol

      1. Lisa

        Would you mind expanding on the bulking comment. What moves specifically were creating bulk? Just interested.

      2. Alexis

        To Lisa, above–I think too many planks was creating bulk through the torso, upper arm, and shoulders. If you contrast Tracy’s early work, like the beautiful mat workout, with now, you can clearly see the difference. She seems to have a bit more variety in the streaming content again–I think that variety is the key to not bulking.

    2. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Nanyamkagetsfit,

      I’m so sorry that you got attacked by the community 😦 this makes me so sad and makes me wish that I could’ve been there to comfort you/stick up for you! I really don’t know why tammers would attack each other as we’re all in this together! It’s so horrible that it made you cry, I just hope that people didn’t realise how much their words hurt. I had a similar-ish experience- I was in another tracy anderson facebook group and out of nowhere a girl was REALLY rude to me, it wasn’t actually Tracy related but I decided to leave the group as I didn’t want to have to put up with that negativity in my life. Years later one of the moderators got in touch and asked me to rejoin and apologised for that girls awful behaviour so that made me feel better. It is such an unnecessary experience to go through, I don’t think we would be mean to each other in person so why online?

      I get what you mean about people looking a certain way and being admired for that, I know some people may see her as being physically “perfect” but I don’t really, yes I’d love to have her little arms and stomach but she’s not “perfect” in lots of other ways- although she’s was born blonde, she’s now only as blonde as she is thanks to hair dye/bleach and she wears hair extensions, her natural hair appears to be quite short so maybe she has trouble growing it and she’s also had breast implants so in those senses she’s not naturally “physically perfect” by societies’ standards. Anyone who reads this and takes it the wrong way, I’m not bashing her appearance or putting her down and I’m certainly not claiming to be physically perfect by societies standards myself- who really is?! I’m just stating that in my eyes I’ve never seen her as being societies representation of what is “perfect”, whereas lots of supermodels and people like Jessica Alba seem to fit that category.

      Yes you’re right there seems to be such a contrast in her behaviour- she does come across as wonderful and sweet and lovely which is why it’s so much more of a kick in the teeth when it’s not consistent or she seems to be complacent about people receiving bad customer service/product under a company which carries her name.

      I wonder if the company is regulated by anyone? In the UK I think almost all companies are, I’m not sure how it works in the US, so if they don’t deal with a matter in a satisfactory matter you can complain to the body that regulates them and get your matter sorted and the company also gets fined each time an issue has to be escalated to the regulatory body. It just doesn’t feel right that the company can get away with so much bad customer service and so many poorly treated and disgruntled customers.

      Sounds like you’ve made the right decision to move on.

  5. Alexis

    So excellent! The method should serve us, not us the method. And once again, no new cardio this week. The challenge is that when Tracy gets something right, it’s VERY good, enough to keep us all hooked. But truthfully, what the business deserves is for us all to find something similar. Money always talks. And what about Vancouver when she didn’t even show up to her own vitality weekend? Crazy! So glad I didn’t sign up for that one.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thanks Alexis! And I think I remember your comment in the community! Yep that’s how I feel, really torn because I’m sick of bad customer service, constant undelivered promises and being ignored/fobbed off but I haven’t been able to find a good exercise alternative, so I don’t really know what that leaves me with. Maybe we just need to band together and be strong and if someone is receiving bad customer service/faulty product we all stand up for each other and make sure the issue is resolved?

  6. Nardm_kiwitamgirl

    Love this post and all the replies. I haven’t gone to streaming and am thinking i won’t after reading this. I am a bit disappointed by the customer service and by how fittygram has been treated. Well done for speaking up.

  7. mm

    I totally got you. I love the method. but i really don’t lke how the tamily forming. it becomes like a small group of ppls that are privilaged and i don’t really think is the purpose of how these things works.
    a group of women who only support you and say only nice things to you. but cannot give you honest opinions ??! do you really need this type of friends honestly?

  8. Carolea

    Does anyone think that maybe she has cash flow issues? Also, it must be stressful running such a big enterprise by herself and being a single mom. I’ve never been crazy about the cs, but the results of the Method keep me around way longer than I would have been otherwise. I figured she must be living paycheck to paycheck, reinvesting in the empire that is TA, that’s why she went with the cheapest, worst trained, fly-by-night customer service contract company she could find. They MUST handle other automatic delivery companies like Victoria Principle and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty (not those specifically, just an example). I think most of her profits go towards the pictures, fashion, her son’s designs, upkeep of her physical studios, her lifestyle-it’s mind boggling when you think about it. How does she do it at all?! I hope she doesn’t disappear. The economy is so bad, it’s amazing to think she started all this at a time when most businesses fail. I’ve also heard streaming is really expensive as far as upkeep. She looks stressed out in the streaming, too.

    1. Alexis

      I think she was prone to this type of behaviour way before the current state of affairs. There’s that story of when she started out and left all those people in Indiana high and dry. Poor management. Poor decision making. But yes, she has talent, but it doesn’t justify her treating people like this.

  9. Claudia

    i started with TA. but at one point i didn’t see any changes on my body any more and asked me should i pay so much money for a method which don’t work for me. so i tried ballet beautiful and sleek technique and do both methods for over a year. the sleek technique live classes are great and i can talk before and after class with the founders and trainers of sleek technique

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thanks for the info Claudia- I had never heard of sleek technique before but I’ve just checked it out 🙂 ballet beautiful also looks good, I’m considering taking ballet classes again actually. Have you had good results with these two methods? How have your results differed to doing Tracy?

      1. Claudia

        i get more defined muscles which i don’t know it’s possible to get their. i got more balance strength and have raised my flexibility. with tracy i got a little bored to do the same 10 days long or with streaming only a weekly change. but the main fact was my abs, TA don’t give me flat abs and i was doing abcentric.

  10. mm

    I think Tracy needs new publicist or people that handle her press or media appearance. she always comes out really snobbish and made her method looks bad. and I don’t think it’s good for her brand. I love the method- I love the studio and all the trainers are great. but I don’t really dig the founders. same goes with bikram yoga.

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  12. J

    Thanks for this detailed and honest post about your experiences. This is not the first time I’ve read and heard about this. It’s a shame, because the workouts do seem to be effective. Don’t they realize they’re alienating and losing loyal clientele by ignoring and sweeping things under the rug? You have dedicated a lot of your time to TAM. Perhaps it’s time you try other workouts?

    I have tried AKT In Motion, and I highly recommend it. It is MORE effective, makes you feel better, easier to follow, and the people at AKT ALWAYS respond. Anna Kaiser, being the face of AKT In Motion, is humble, accessible, and very down to earth. There are free workouts on their youtube channel if you’d like to take a look.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      I’ve always thought Anna Kaiser’s a wonderful person, really motivating, upbeat and lovely! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the workouts 🙂

  13. Me

    I apologize in advance that I don’t know how to do the screenshot thing, so I’ll be cutting and pasting instead. I’ve become a bit of an IG stalker as of late re the TA streaming crew and I can’t say I’m impressed — it’s like watching a trainwreck and unable to look away!!! I think I may need to block myself with parental controls or something!

    Anyway, since last June or so I’ve been doing TA with a combination of the 30 Day Method book (library), the original Mat (mainly arms since the rest of that one drives me nuts with the inconsistensies from side to side! Or I’ll just watch enough to refresh my memory on what comes next and then do the full reps myself), Gwyneth legs, Meta and Continuity Hip and Glute (I skip arms and standing abs with Meta — ridiculous), Precision Toning, Post Pregnancy II, etc. etc. — all from youtube. Same with cardio — I do the original Dance Cardio, DC II, and Unleash — again all from youtube. And I use Pandora on the dance cardio channel for my music since hers is so AWFUL. I also do the treadmill cardio –I’m up to 5.0mph for 30 minutes with some walking before and after. I started with the Tel Aviv tramp workout but can’t get my heartrate up there with that anymore and it hurts my feet/ankles.

    So really no need to spend a dime, let alone over a thousand dollars a year for streaming that I might or might not be able to utilize depending on my internet connection. And really, I can’t justify spending that kind of money on anything but the necessities right now. It was hard enough for me to buy ankle weights and new shoes (my previous workout shoes were 5 years old).

    So, if you really love the workouts (which, it sounds as though you do), I encourage you to get creative. You have enough knowledge and content from over the years to do your own thing. I have pages of written notes so I can do my own sequences anytime and anywhere, although I’ve yet to travel with my weights!

    Personally, I don’t like AKT, Body by Simone, Nicole Winhoffer, or even Yin the Zone (all previous TA trainers). There’s just something about The TA Method that I really like. The others just don’t do it for me.

    I’ll continue in a second post with more . . . .

    1. Me

      Oops! Forgot to mention PDS 1, 2, and 3.

      And from your MS in order blog post it looks like you haven’t yet done all the dvd’s that you have, so . . . .

      Remember, you can make the ones you have and the ones on youtube as “hard” as you want by increasing reps. I saw that you rated 30 Day Method as “harder” than others because “you can increase your reps to 60.” Well, you can do that for any of them, really.

      This is the order in which I’d recommend (“easiest” to “hardest” as is):

      Method for Beginners 1 and 2
      Mat Workout for Beginners 1-3
      Original Mat (but make sure to do your own reps! She does anywhere from 10-30+ on each side and it’s rarely consistent — one side 20 something and the other side 30 something for example, and she screws up the order of the standing legs from one side to the next as well).
      30 Day 1-3 and PDS 1-3 (increase reps and add weights to PDS per 30 Day recommendations) — btw, these take me well over an hour with the recommended increased reps! And I didn’t enjoy PDS at all.
      Precision Toning (yes, I think this is HARDER! My quads were ON FIRE from the grande plies for days after my first go at this one. Also the arms on this one rival the original Mat arms with weights.

      After one can do all these with no problem then it shouldn’t be tough to add Gwyneth Legs (working up to 40+ reps with ankle weights). I don’t really know where to rate Meta. Actually, I found Meta easy-peasy after having done 30-day and Gwyneth with high reps and ankle weights. Blowing through legs in 20 minutes or less feels like a breeze, so I end up doing Glute and Hip in the same day and throw in 30 Day, Gwyneth, or Precision Toning at least once or twice a week.

      PP 1 (the original post preg) is SO HARD for abs!!! I’ve never had a baby, but this is a killer workout for abs. I still can’t do the double leg lifts without my hands under my low back/butt. The PP 2 where she has Penny on set is okay.

      I haven’t tried the xbox Transform workouts, Teen Meta, or any of the Express ones.

      For DC I started with Tel Aviv trampoline for about about a week or two and then on to the original Dance Cardio (learned those very quickly thanks to the “from the back” option) alternated with treadmill dancing (started super slow around 3.0 mph and worked my way up in mph and length of time — we have a home treadmill). I went to Unleash next. This was MUCH harder for me to learn because there is no “from the back” version on youtube. It’s VERY HARD for me to learn “from the front” when the person doesn’t mirror (I’ve heard teachers say this is the “lazy way” of teaching — the way Tracy does it from the front). Now I’m learning DC II and again no “from the back” option! I just heard that it helps to face the screen toward a mirror and follow the mirror, so I am going to try that come Monday. Dancing on carpet lends to the difficulty — bleh.

      I do NOT like her non-dance cardio.

      Anyway, so much content I’ve yet to get bored. We’ll see in another year!

      1. Alexis

        To me above, what do you think the secret is to her dance cardio? Honestly, I have tried every type of cardio out there and never had the results I’ve had with her cardio. I found Shine fitness and it’s so much fun (addictively fun)–what do you think of the results of the Shine dance fitness girls? Does it seem bulking? If we could figure out the secret to Tracy’s cardio we could create our own mixtures at home. I’m not sure ATK in motion or Dancebody or anyone else is coming close to her results. hmmm I’m so curious about figuring out the formula–is it the 4-count mixture?

  14. Me

    As for the biz of Tracy? It sounds like there’s a lot more going on than “just” poor customer service. Did you see this news release re her bookkeeper accused of embezzling $70,000?

    And then today, one of the streaming gals posted a negative review of the Tribeca studio:

    ashchurova27Hi everyone, a lot of you girls were asking about my experience at @tracyandersonmethod studio in TriBeCa. So I want to be honest. And maybe I will burst somebody’s bobble but I was not impressed by studios condition. The locker room needs a good cleaning so the bathrooms. The ankle weights were all wet because they never get a chance to dry out I guess from humidity. I regretted wearing capris instead of leggings. Our trainer asked us to wipe our mats after our class but there was no solution to wipe it with. Just wiping the sweat doesn’t work. I have been to other gyms in Manhattan, for ex. @equinox and it is spotless.. So my verdict – I will stick with #tarealtime. The class contained all moves from this week’s MC anyway. I was very happy to meet my #eastcoasttamily girls but otherwise the streaming service is better option for me.

  15. Me

    FINALLY, I did see this about a week ago and wanted to pass it on to you in case you might want to try getting a hold of Tracy this way. Why she couldn’t respond to your direct message, or whatever she asked you to do (private message?) I don’t know.

    civi47@tracyandersonmethod I can’t access the streaming I just signed for three days ago! I’ve emailed twice can someone help me ! TIA

    meadina@civi47 no one answers the emails at least they haven’t answered any of mine it’s best to call customer service 866-518-6138 good luck

    tracyandersonmethod@civi47 @meadina can you both please email with the emails you sent and where you sent them because I am so not down with that!

    1. Alexis

      Really intelligent, re: all of the above. I’ve been spending hours trying to find something other than TA. But I think she has talent, and understands the body. However, I think her early work was the “classic” and really delivers the best results. Maybe there’s only so much talent for one life time. And you’re right, at this point, we probably have enough knowledge to create our own content. Time for the baby bird’s to fly. Great insight to me above.

    2. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thank you for all that amazing and useful information and sorry for not replying sooner! I had people staying for a couple of months but I read the comments as soon as you posted them on my phone and meant to get back to you.

      So funny you’re thinking about setting up parental controls on your instagram!!

      I will definitely use that email address you mentioned if I need to email them again in the future, although it does feel so futile!

      Thank you for sharing that amazing article!! Crazy what happened- looks like the whole business is a bit of a mess!

      The studios sound disgusting from what you’ve shared! It’s hard to believe that anyone let alone A list types would put up with it! There was a TV show in the UK- observational documentary called The Business Inspector which has business experts visit businesses that need improving and sorting them out! I think the Tracy Anderson Method would do well to go on this series!

  16. Alexis

    And what is the deal with TAva? She jumps around all over the place. I wish she would just do one thing very, very, very well for a time. I might guess that there’s not a lot of new dance cardio loaded on to streaming because they still want streaming customers to buy the DVDs.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      From what I’ve gathered Tava doesn’t have any jumping so it looks like a low impact option for people who don’t get on with her other cardio? Or maybe it’s trying to attract the Zuma crowd.

  17. Me

    Hi Alexis,
    I couldn’t find the Reply button to your question above re the dance cardio “formula,” so I’ll try here. I really don’t know if there is any formula. For me, I just find it fun and engaging. I like learning dance choreography and then “performing” what I’ve learned so that the heart-rate gets up there! AKT, Body by Simine, etc. is not “dancey” enough to keep me engaged and having fun and I don’t like the inclusion of squats, etc., which makes it feel more like traditional plyometrics exercise set to music — I like that the dance and the “muscular structure” are two different things — and I enjoy both, especially to my own music (hers is terrible, in my opinion).

  18. Gigi

    I recently canceled my TA streaming. Why? The moves were getting ridiculous (handstands, really?), the arm section is boring and repetitive (I would stop from boredom not burn) and I think her DVDS are more effective. The 40 or sominutes kneeling did not help either.
    Also, her Instagram. Holy, cow. She is worshipped like a deity and she just lets it happen. She only features people who are super thin or who kiss her ass.

    I feel like I’ve spent tons of money and years defending her and I’ve been duped. I’m really thinking that a lot of the negative stuff that’s been said about her is true.

    I do think it’s funny she started wearing Asics (the shoe preferred & recommended by DanceBody trainers) just at the time DB streaming became available.

    1. Alexis

      I’ve often also wondered how healthy it is to heat up your room when working out; also, how healthy is it to constantly be on your knees, or in plank positions? does it put too much strain on the head (for example, too much blood flow to the head, increased eye pressure, etc.). I think Tracy lost her original vision in the beginning, which was to create beautiful workouts. The cardio also became such a yawn.

      1. Gigi

        Yeah, I never did the hot room thing–unless it was naturally that way. I’m too afraid I’d pass out or get sick?

        It’s funny because so many people are struggling since she put out streaming. Either people can’t justify the price (its expensive) or don’t like the direction the content has gone or just haven’t seen results from it.

        It’s like being in weird limbo. I wish she’d put DVDS out. She claims to want to bring her method to all women but uh, hello!
        Not everyone has that much disposable income.

  19. Alexis

    I agree, I think the results have shifted into a more muscular look (hulking shoulders). It’s not a look that would have attracted me to her method if I began with it again, with streaming. Her early work, I feel, is among her best work, and it was beautiful. She also seems to have lost her heart for dance. Maybe it’s too much to expect of one person, but I still don’t understand why she didn’t get her trainers to create more inspiring dances. I also wonder how much TA works out herself these days. She really created the method for herself, perhaps now that she doesn’t need as much she’s lost her motivation? Anyway, I can see why she’d be upset with Dance Body coz the dancing is so much fun, so inspiring, and the toning component is fabulous too. Very creative, very energetic! Fitty, give us a post on Dance Body, I am loving it!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      I definitely want to try out Dance Body and obv post about it! Unfortunately because of my pain situation I’m really struggling to do as much as exercise as I’d like to so I don’t want to sign up to Dance Body streaming until I know I’m actually going to be able to do it, but I’ve seen her classes on periscope and they look amazing and so much fun. I really love her choreography and her energy and attitude, she seems like a wonderful person 🙂 So glad that you’re loving it- yay! 😀

  20. Connie Ailey

    Let me encourage you to try dancebody as soon as you can. Talk about amazing and fun workouts via streaming and they are so receptive to everyone! I was fortunate to take one live class while visiting NYC. I love the streaming though!


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