Matt Roberts Perfect Chest Exercises


I’ve been doing these exercises for so long and they’re so great I can’t believe that I didn’t get around to posting about them!

Long before the days of Tracy Anderson, when I was about 18; circa 2001, just as I was really getting into exercise I discovered Matt Roberts- he had brought out some mini books on exercise, I bought the one on 6 pack abs and was really impressed with the results so I kept an eye out for his exercises. He started to have a regular column in The Times Sunday supplement Style magazine, there was one on how to improve your chest and these are by far the best chest exercises/best chest routine I’ve ever come across and believe me I’ve done LOADS! As I’ve found out some chest exercises can actually reduce the size of your bust- low weight, high reps, but these ones get it just right. Ladies, these will leave you with perky, lifted, perfectly symmetrical boobs and with some good cleavage definition. When I started doing Tracy Anderson I stopped using higher weights (anything above 2lbs) as I didn’t want to “undo” her results but I’ve found these chest exercises which do employ higher weights don’t undo any of your lovely Tracy Anderson Method hard work- you’ll still have lovely long streamlined arms. With the Tracy Anderson Method she’s definitely good at making you teeny tiny, which is great for other body parts, but for the majority of us we don’t want our breasts to be “teeny tiny” so this is a good place for us to employ other methods that don’t work on shrinking the muscle.

Time: 10 minutes
Areas worked: Chest
Equipment needed: 2X 5kg weights, 1X 10kg weight a bench or a chair and an exercise ball

Do each of the following in order and then repeat the whole routine until you have completed three sets


20 X 1 arm rows on each side using the 10kg weight and a chair or bench to rest your non working knee and hand on.


20X pec flies using a 5kg weight in each hand


25X narrow push ups- these are push ups where your fingers face forward and your hands are shoulder distance apart.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout


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