Yin Yoga

Yin-2BWTime: 1 hour
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Block, bolster

I’m feeling very zen after my first yin yoga class. As I have already completed 10 rotations of all of my yoga DVDs and there aren’t any more yoga DVDs that I want to buy I thought the best way forward would be to try different yoga types. I’ve already done numerous yoga flow (vinyasa classes) which I don’t really like as it gets so repetitive, as well as hot and warm yoga so I thought I would give yin yoga a try. The reason why I decided on yin yoga is because thanks to my chronic pain condition I can’t do yoga that requires you to move quickly and I’ve also been advised by my physiotherapist to try more mindfulness and relaxation so I thought these classes would be the best way forward.

There were only 5 poses (apart from brief resting poses) in the entire class, so it was very slow, but don’t let that fool you as it certainly wasn’t easy! Because you’re in each stretch/pose for so long your body really opens up and you can really push yourself but it definitely gets harder the longer you hold the pose. This is probably the best kind of yoga class to take if you want to become more flexible. This class reminded me of Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility DVD as the stretches are really deep, you hold them for an extended period of time and your legs feel heavy after some of the moves because the stretch is so deep.

Mentally this is really good for unwinding. There may be some moments initially when you feel a bit fidgety and restless because the class is S-O  S-L-O-W but that soon settles down and you start to wonderfully zone out- bliss!!! Feeling very calm and serene now. I’m actually having trouble typing this as I feel so zoned out!


For the rest of the evening I had a lot more energy then usual and the following day I was SO CHILLED OUT- yes!!

Every single yoga workout (I have tried) and many other workouts

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