Measurements and latest workout routine March 2016


Hi Everyone!

My routine is slowly changing… because my doctor has finally said that I can start reintroducing cardio and leg exercises into my routine…. yippee!! For those that don’t know I have a chronic pain condition that gets exasperated by most exercises that involve moving my legs- although I am able to do slow yoga.

So I have been slowly introducing some legs and cardio, but really really slowly as the pain is honestly not worth it! Although it is so hard to hold back sometimes as I’m getting really excited at being able to do all the exercise I’ve missed for so long! Although I had mostly resigned myself to the fact that I was limited on what I can do exercise wise and thankfully my diet has stopped me from gaining weight, I have really missed being able to try out all the new Tracy workouts that come along; I own all of her DVDs (bar after year 1 of meta) and I’m subscribed to streaming so it’s been gutting not being able to join in with all of you.

I’ve also started doing some yin yoga classes, as part of my mindfulness attempts which play a part in controlling the pain.

So this is what my current routine looks like

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises



One full length workout but skip any leg work



I’ll do a short workout which includes some leg work, right now I’m doing Tracy Anderson Christmas Workout which is only 1 minute long. Once I’ve done that 10 times, depending on how I’m progressing I’ll hopefully increase that to a workout that is 2 minutes long and so on until I’m able to do a full leg workout without pain.



some cardio- yesterday I did 3 minutes (2 minutes weighted step touch dance cardio and 1 minute rebounding), everyday that I’m able to I’ll add another minute onto the routine until I reach 30 minutes. I’m starting with step touching and rebounding as it’s less intense then dance cardio, but I’ll progress onto dance cardio eventually. This is why I’m excited about the upcoming release of TAVA, if it hopefully doesn’t include any jumping.


go for an hours walk



I’ll go to my yin yoga class, which depending on how I’m feeling I’ll do as well as the above mentioned exercise.



Since I last wrote I have been doing quite a few non Tracy workouts eg Pilates, Britney Spears workouts and various ab workouts, so I’m sure these have had an effect on my body. I have noticed that they have given me more ab definition then Tracy but on the downside have built my waist out. My legs don’t really look that great since I’ve been working out my upper body but not my lower body, but there’s not much I can do about that so I’m not going to let that get to me and in the grand scheme of things they don’t really look that bad as I’m not overweight, they’re just lacking tone and muscle definition. I also haven’t been able to go for many walks recently as I’ve been having more pain filled days then not, but hopefully this is just a blip.

Since December I have..


1 cm on my waist (which is interesting as I’ve lost off my abdomen and upper abs)

2cm on my right thigh

2cm on my right and left bikini


1 cm off my shoulders

1 cm off my abdomen

1cm off my upper abs

2cm off my chest

Taking all measurements into account I have gained 2 cms in total. Hopefully when I’ve been doing cardio and leg exercises for a while my results will start improving.

Measurements and latest workout routine

Measurements and latest workout June 2016

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