Tracy Anderson NY Vitality Week 2015

 11251998_766695326789631_1342261512_nTime: 1 minute
Areas worked: Arms and Legs
Equipment needed: Ankle weights, 1lb weights

#NYCUES2015VitalityWeek #TAMily

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

6 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson NY Vitality Week 2015

  1. Me

    Not sure if you saw them, but I left you new replies in Buick Arms post and your post on News on TA’s New Book and DVDs. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Me

    P.S. I’ve aded back TA’s treadmill dancing routine to my DC repertoire (not on the same day, mind you!). Fun! 🙂

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Cool!! I like the treadmill dancing. What do you think as Tracy has since backtracked on this since she released it saying we shouldn’t do treadmill dancing? Although they do have treadmills in their studios- confusing!

      1. Me

        I don’t know, really. She’s also saying now that running, biking, surfing, hiking, playing sports, etc. is fine and dandy as long as it doesn’t replace her MS and DC — MS and DC are daily non-negotiables and the other things are extras. I don’t agree FOR ME. That is the road to burnout and stress for me.

        She’s no longer releasing DC on streaming either. Anything she says, I take with a grain of salt, figuring there’s probably a financial angle to it for her (after all this is a business regardless of how much she “cares”).

  3. Me

    This is from instagram “orlando crush [sic] notes”:

    Any type of Tracy’s cardio is good-mix and much if you are bored with just one -with that being said:
    1.Trampoline workout is not for everyone- if you are not paying attention you might engage wrong muscles, also this workout doesn’t burn as much calories as jumping/dancing. When Gwyneth started Tracy method- she could not step touch and she started on trampolines but Tracy would never put Jennifer on it.
    2. TAva- is a low impact dance that can be done at any age- it is an answer to Jennifer request- she did not want to do any more of jumping cardio. It will be coming in about 1-2 months in Target. Since this is such a new cardio the exact number of calories burn during is yet to be determine but Tracy advices that we need to do 45 minutes of tava for 30 minutes of jumping dance cardio.


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