The Best Workout Pants I’ve ever Bought


I have made the probably the best clothes purchase in the history of all the clothes purchases I’ve ever made. Ok it may seem that I’m over exaggerating but I can’t tell you how happy I am with my new drop crotch workout trousers/pants! Prior to buying these I would always work out in those sexy tight (Nike) capris that everyone loves, I had a pair for every day of the week, which was great until a year ago when my chronic pain started. Due to this condition it has meant that I have to avoid wearing restrictive clothing as this makes the pain worse, which is a total nightmare for exercise clothes. I was able to survive on wearing my little nike shorts or a looser pair of capris which I owned, but exercising regularly meant that I really needed more than 2 pairs of pants to workout in. Unfortunately shops really do not stock workout trousers/pants that aren’t skin tight or if they do they don’t look very good. Then my saviour came in a fellow Aussie Tammer in a facebook group. She suggested trying Cotton On- having only been in Australia for 3 years, although I’ve walked past it I’ve never actually been inside. I was SO GLAD when I paid their shop a visit yesterday and tried on these lovely harem pants (I really want to try and keep saying trousers because I’m British but the whole pants thing keeps creeping in!). They’re super dooper light weight; it literally feels like you’re not wearing anything, so they’re really comfy to wear around the house, are nice enough that you don’t look like a slob if you wear them out and I’ve just tried and tested them through a one hour yoga class, 10 minutes cardio and about 30 mins of Tracy Anderson strength/muscular structure work and they were the best! Another big bonus with these is you don’t get any VPL, which is good if you don’t want to workout in a thong/non breathable fabric-ed seamless underwear. Another major plus point is they only cost $20!! $100 cheaper then what you’d pay at Lululemon! Ok yes I do love Lululemon; I have so much stuff from there but I do feel like I’ve stupidly been avoiding cheaper shops assuming that they wouldn’t have anything “nice”, ah well at least now I’ve seen the light! The only problem with these pants is they don’t exactly go with my workout trainers, but I only wear my trainers to workout in at home so it’s not really that bad. I’ve already ordered another pair of harem pants with a different pattern from Cotton On’s website, but I’m eager for more! I might have to buy these in bulk so I can wear them every day! Even if you don’t have a chronic pain condition, these are so comfy that all your other clothes will feel like wearing corsets/spanx in comparison. Joy joy joy!!!

Buy them here

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