Measurements and Latest Workout June 2016

12314684_10153704281837969_8654233891834841163_o.0.0Hi Everyone!

Since I last posted I’ve added in more exercise on the days I’m in pain (I have a chronic pain condition that gets exasperated by most exercises that involve moving my legs) and I’m increasing my cardio and strength training on the days that I’m pain free. I’ve also drastically changed my diet.

This is what my current exercise routine looks like

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises



Yoga, at the moment I’m doing Sooth and Stretch from Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief


One full length workout eg Tracy Anderson’s Video Streaming but skip any leg work



Any purely arms workouts, right now I’m doing Tracy Anderson Powerwomen TV workout



I’ll do some workouts that includes leg work. Right now I’m doing Tracy Anderson Elle Canada 5 Ways to Sculpt your Abs , Tracy Anderson CBS Streaming and Sweating , Tracy Anderson Blood Sweat Profit and another 2 minute workout. I’ll add an extra minute on each time I do this workout, right now I’m up to 8 minutes.



Cardio. Recently I’ve been doing TAVA and Teen Meta Freestyle Cardio, I add a minute on every day that I do it, right now I’m up to 18 minutes, I can’t wait until I get to 30! 😀

I also add on some walking to supplement the cardio, 2 minutes walking for every 1 minute of cardio I can’t do with the goal of 30 minutes,  so if I do 18 minutes cardio I’ll do 24 minutes of walking.



As I’m embarking on a new diet, set by my dietician (for health reasons), I wanted to keep track of my weight and measurements to make sure that I’m not gaining any weight or losing too much.

Since I last measured myself I have had less pain free days so I’ve done less exercise and I have gone off track with the diet a few times.

Since March I have….


2cms on my shoulders (which makes me think I must be measuring them wrong)

1cm on my abdomen

1cm on my belly

2cm on my upper abs

1cm on my vertical butt length


3cm off my left thigh

2cm off my right thigh

1cm off my cheek width

1cm off my left bikini

2cm off my right bikini


Measurements and latest workout routine March 2016

How I lost 7lbs and 21cms in 14 days

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