Dietician Approved Thrush/Candida Diet 2 Week Review

Green-vegetables-for-DiabeticsI have finally made it through 2 weeks of this very boring, difficult and sometimes depressing diet and now it’s time to see the dietician again to check up on my progress.

Weight and Measurements

I decided to weigh myself and measure my waist to see if I had lost/gained weight as the dietician was concerned that I may lose weight, and I was shocked to get on the scale to see that I was down to 48 KG!!!! (7 stone 5lbs/ 105lbs)

Two weeks ago I weighed 51KG (8 stone/112lbs) and I genuinely didn’t feel like I’ve lost weight, probably because I feel fuller from all the carbohydrates and I’ve really hardly done any exercise at all, most likely because I don’t have the energy! I my weight hasn’t gone below 50KG for 4 years, when my weight got down to that much thanks to being able to do lots of exercise. Having said that when I have definitely had less body fat when I went through my obsessive diet and exercise stage 14 years ago, however I was a lot more muscular thanks to weight lifting so my weight was at 55KG, so it just goes to show that the scale isn’t a realistic measurement of what’s going on. I checked my BMI and thankfully I’m still in the “healthy” weight range of 47-64KG, I will just make sure I don’t drop below 47.

My waist measurement is 61.6cm (24 inches) down from 64cms (25 inches), which is the smallest it’s been (that I’ve measured) for 5 years. Maybe it just seems odd because I’m not as toned as I would normally be when I’m thinner thanks to not being able to do much exercise. I think I find this all so surprising as my weight has stayed the same for a long time now and my body measurements don’t shift around that much thanks to consistently sticking to the same diet and exercise routine and being satisfied in what I’m eating.

So at the dieticians she said that I unfortunately need to make FURTHER changes to my diet as my symptoms haven’t improved . So on top of everything else I am now have to…


  • Beetroot
  • Lemon in my water!! (Sob! 😦 )

She’s also said because I’m losing weight she wants me to…


  • All juices including vegetables juices (these were literally my saviour)

because although they’re not contributing to my pain, she’s not happy that I’m losing weight so she would prefer I was eating more and not filling up on juices. I have made the decision to rebel against this as all I care about is stopping the pain and staying sane, so if I can have something I enjoy that’s not going to cause the pain I’m going to have it as the diet’s too restrictive as it is. Well I’m actually allowed to introduce something back in my diet, I’m now…


  • Probiotics!

I’m happy to have them back but I really don’t understand her logic of cutting them out for 2 weeks then adding them back in?! She said they were taken away because she wanted to clear out my system (or something) and she’s adding them back in because they’re good to have. I asked if I needed to start taking a multivitamin to make up for the goodness I was missing out on with fruit but she said I can get all the same goodness from vegetables.

She also wants me to take a blood test to make sure I’m not pre diabetic as high sugar levels in the body are associated with thrush and diabetes.

There were a few other points that I was confused about. In the first appointment she advised me not to do too much exercise as this could be contributing to the condition and then this week she encouraged me to really try and do as much exercise as I can manage!!

She also said again that I could have wheat free bread but I pointed out that she had said last time that it wasn’t a good idea and to cut it out. Maybe she just forgot. And then later on she suggested I have banana muffins for a snack?! Thankfully she quickly corrected herself as fruit is a bit no no, although of course I would love to be able to eat banana muffins!

So I’m going to carry on for the next two weeks (luckily I’ve found a really good risotto recipe that I think will get me through!) and then email her with a summary and we’ll go from there, as she’s not able to fit in an appointment with me until 6 weeks time. To tell you the truth if my symptoms haven’t improved after being on this for a month in total (after 2 more weeks) I’m tempted to start reintroducing food as there’s no point in having this condition AND feeling deprived of the food I enjoy. Obviously I will avoid anything that I feel makes my symptoms worse.

Dietician Approved Thrush/Candida Diet

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