How I lost 7lbs and 21cms in 14 days


So here’s an update, since I last posted 2 weeks ago I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and I’m physically smaller then I was. This is no doubt due to my change in diet. Here’s what I’ve been up to exercise wise..

Every day I do:

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises


Yoga, at the moment I’m doing Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Flexibility



One full length workout eg Tracy Anderson’s Video Streaming but skip any leg work

AND ON THE DAYS THAT I’M NOT IN PAIN (I have a chronic pain condition)

I’ll do some workouts that includes leg work. Right now I’m doing Tracy Anderson Cosmo Slim Your Waist Tracee Ellis Ross’s Workout 3/3 and I’ll add another minute of workouts every day that I can do it.


Cardio. Recently I’ve been doing TAVA and Teen Meta Freestyle Cardio, I add a minute on every day that I do it, right now I’m up to 20 minutes, yaaaay!

I also add on some walking to supplement the cardio, 2 minutes walking for every 1 minute of cardio I can’t do with the goal of 30 minutes,  so if I do 19 minutes cardio I’ll do 22 minutes of walking.



I’m definitely not as consistent with the exercise as I’d like to be, probably because I’m feeling run down and tired a lot with the new diet, but I am going to make an effort to exercise more. So since two weeks ago I have….


2cm on my right bikini pocket

5cm on my left bikini pocket (which just goes to show I have no idea how to measure this area!)

1cm on my right thigh (which is confusing as I’ve lost on the other thigh!)


5cm off my upper abs

5cm off my cheek width

3 cm off my shoulders (something tells me I’m not measuring them right!)

2cm off my waist

2cm off my abdomen

2cm off my left thigh

2cm off my vertical butt length

1cm off my lower stomach

1cm off my hips

21cms in total

Total weight loss 3KG (7lbs). This is a big weight loss for me as I don’t ever dip below 50KG- I’m now 48KG. It’s nice having a flat stomach and thinner waist, but I really miss my backside and having curvier hips, losing weight isn’t all good! If I was able to do more lower body work maybe I would have better glutes. Hopefully next time I post I’ll be more consistent with the exercise and I might know when I can come off this diet!

Measurements and Latest Exercise June 2016




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