Tracy Anderson TAVA


Warm up time: 4 minutes
Cardio time: 22 minutes
Equipment needed: None

Although the disc is 39 minutes long, your actual cardio time is only 22 minutes – the rest of the time is made up of breakdowns of each dance and a warm up.


On the box, Tracy wears one of the bikini tops which is later transformed into a top for one of the dances. And we can see by the quotes given that the workout is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Rhonda and Maggie Gyllenhaal.


This is actually pretty hard, the dances are so different to the type of thing we’re used to with Tracy like star jumps etc, it’s probably because these dances have all been choreographed by someone else that they’re so different. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad that it’s something so different and it’s great that there’s now a low impact option available for all of us with bad knees/shin splints or those who haven’t been able to work up the stamina to her other workouts. You’ll definitely not get bored of this DVD quickly as it’ll take you a while to master the dances. It’s definitely low impact, there are a few jumps, but not many, what makes it hard are all the fast steps and the different style. So I would disagree with the cover where it says “easy to follow”. I think you would probably burn less calories doing this cardio compared to her other jumping cardio, my heart rate definitely didn’t get up anywhere near as much as it does with her other cardio. That being said perhaps if you master the dances and really perform it you might burn some more.


Tony G seems lovely, he seems like loads of fun, in fact if he had a range of dance DVDs available based on this you would want to buy them. The breakdown section is a lot shorter than the breakdowns we’re used to with Tracy- he literally goes through the whole thing once and then it’s time to do it up to tempo, so if you’re struggling it’s worth doing the breakdown a few times. It’s definitely fun and upbeat. Tony gives really clear and fun instructions. Once the dance is up to tempo you do a dance once all the way through without flair- so I suppose this would be an even lower impact or less complicated version and then another time but with “flair” which means extra arm moves etc.


You can tell that Tony is a seasoned choreographer who’s used to teaching dancers who would normally pick up the moves very quickly. He uses terms like “syncopated grapevine” which I have no idea what that means and probably unless you’re a dancer you won’t know what that means either. The rhythm/pace is completely different, maybe it’s a cha-cha pace? I don’t know I’m not familiar, but it’s definitely different to what we’re used to doing with Tracy.

Tracy changes her top for each dance which is useful if you’re having to skip through the play all option to find a new dance. All of the tops she wears seem to be bikini tops with fabric attached underneath to transform it into a top- this is literally what they’ve done as during the last dance the attached fabric breaks free from the bikini and bunches itself into what looks like a waist belt.


The music is really fun and thankfully something new and different sounding to her past soundtracks

As the DVD is presented by two people unfortunately there are a few moments when it gets a bit awkward as they’re both vying to lead the workout and have different styles. Tracy is more chatty and takes her time whereas Tony is more to the point and wants to get it done quickly with no chit chat. On dance number 4 just as they’re about to do the dance up to tempo with music, Tony is eager to get on with the dance and gives instruction but Tracy starts chatting over him to Maria about about how she’s wearing a top that matches a Hawaiian move in the dance, you can tell Tony gets impatient as he says “We going?” and then Tracy snaps back loudly “5, 6!” showing that she’s ready to go and she’s not holding them up.

This DVD has a “fame” feel with dancers in different brightly coloured clothes warming up in the background during the intro section. I love the set- with the bright lights and the group dynamic is really nice. You might recognise some of the instructors from Tracy’s studios. Tracy gets all a bit street talk and says “this is how it’s going to go down” when explaining what the different sections of the workout will be.

On the DVD you’re able to choose Play All, Intro and then all the individual dances. However the breakdown section is included in each dance bit so you can’t choose to do the dances all the way through without the breakdown, so it’s quite frustrating having to skip around getting to each up tempo section.


Tracy has said this is the “first TAVA DVD” which suggests there may be more to come in the future. I think by the new direction that Tracy is going in for at home clients (she has said that she prefers those without access to the Cardio Fly Super G Flooring to only do TAVA as her other workouts are too high impact to do on a non bouncy floor and will harm our joints) that Tracy will want to continue to add to the collection, and if it sells well of course she will!

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9 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson TAVA

  1. Jennifer R.

    I finally found this dvd at Target and I have mixed feelings. I like the sets, Tony, the group format, that it is low impact – I actually like everything about it except the instructional portion. These dances are really challenging, and going through instruction once was not nearly enough. Granted I only did the dvd once and only got through 2 dances, but it was challenging and awkward. Once someone learns the steps the instructional portion is no longer needed, or will limit the intensity. They should have added an option to go through all the sequences without instructions – that would have made this dvd far more versatile and long lasting. Perhaps I just need to do it more, but I was just so disappointed on how choppy it felt. Though the other reason I got it was for the code for 2 weeks of free streaming which I plan to do soon.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Completely agree with you- there needs to be a longer breakdown section and the fact that all sections are lumped together aren’t good for doing non stop cardio. When are you planning on signing up to the streaming? Eager to hear what you think?

  2. Amber

    Wow, so now the dance cardio that we’ve all been faithfully doing all these years is going to harm our joints? Rrrreallly? hmmmm I highly, highly, highly recommend Shine Dance Cardio, it’s a blend of low impact and high impact and just so much fun. And it’s only $10/month. I actually wish I could afford that floor. lol

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thanks for the recommendation, it seems a lot of people have had success with Shine Dance Cardio. I know what you mean, this is another example of Tracy contradicting herself, but I’m relieved in a way that she’s bringing out more low impact stuff as I have suffered from bad knees and shins in the past, but if I want to carry on with the old videos- actually I have so many that it would seem a shame not to and waste of money invested (unless I get that floor!) I will do.

      1. Amber

        Well, sadly, I guess we’re going to be joined with Tracy for life, lol, Shine is way more fun, but Tracy’s cardio still works consistently the best. WHAT is the secret? lol Is the secret that there is no secret, it’s the very randomness? lol Thank you for your blog.


    I’ve been looking into TAva lately and am dropping my 2 cents.
    Reviews I’ve seen note that:
    1. Camera shots are messed up such as zooming in on the face when there is intricate footwork going on.
    2. There is no option in the DVD to do the dances from start to finish – you have to get through the rehearsal portion.

    As with all TA dance cardio, you need to learn the steps and perform to music. I’m not trying to say that people should stop complaining about this, but on this blog you’ll notice that customer service is not something TA excels at. I feel like her dvd is meant as study material only and not the regular fitness dvds where you pop it into the player and follow along.

    Her trainer Evan is a DJ or DJ-in-training and has fantastic mixes on Soundcloud.
    I’ve been doing TAva to her mixes and boy I can sweat and can really get lost in the music while time flies by! Why? Because I am not worrying about getting injuries from the otherwise high impact DC work. Instead, my brain is busy trying to figure out the next move.

    I can’t answer any questions about calories but on the Tracy Anderson Community Group on facebook, I note Sarah Parker burned 300 cals in 25 mins of TAva and Itzy Gold burning 228 cals. On other girls’ vitality week notes, the answer to “is TAVA as effective as DC” is yes. I continue to wonder if this is true, and if yes, why. However I don’t think this is info that TA will share.

    I’ve done Shine dance once and I have to say – I hated the “Woo” and “Ow” sound made by the trainer. I have posted on her fb page that I hate it and she says “Thanks for the honest feedback! I will use that feedback to make the program better.” But at the next class, I’m hearing woos and ows again. If you can stomach that noise then Shine Dance is a good alternative to DC as well.

    1. Alexis

      I’ve been thinking a CRAZY amount about dance cardio lately and been on a journey. lol Do you think she’s moved to recommedning TAVA style cardio not *just* because it’s easier on the joints, but because high impact dance cardio, without the special trampoline flooring, can be bulking? Many trainers like Rachel Attard and Key Son, who train models, talk a lot about high impact moves bulking up the calf and thigh super quickly. So even if high impact cardio burns more calories, for super bulkers, they still may be working against their end results? I agree that Shine gets tired quickly, she also does lots of squats and lunges which work against Tracy goals. Also tried DanceBody and again, it’s super fun, but I believe it works against Tracy goals, there are squats snuck in there, and for some people it may be bulking. So, I think Tracy, the researcher, is on the right track here with low impact cardio. The problem with low impact cardio, I believe, over the past 20 years in the fitness industry, has been its reliance on “big movements”–Tracy believes in small movements, but more quickly, which makes a lot of sense, and is kind of like a style of “dance walking” almost. Anyway, thank you, as always, for this blog. We love you fitty!

  4. Alexis

    And oh Jenn, thank you for the links to the playlists. And yes, I think you are 100% right, we should memorize the dances and do our own playlists and break free of the screen. This is of most benefit for the brain as well. This is my next goal, so I will look to you for inspiration.


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