Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tone Up 3 Times Faster

TA Cosmo Tone up 3 times fasterTime: 13 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Water bottle/1lb weight and a soft mat if you knees need extra support

I like moves where Tracy incorporate hand weights/a bottle. The reach and twist move includes the dreaded knee pivot but you can use a softer mat to stop friction and better support your knee. I like this move (apart from the pivot element) because it includes a nice inner thigh/hip stretch. The plank push-back move is pretty satisfying and you get a nice stretch down your calves and you can feel your posture improve/spine clicking into place. The side bridge kick is harder than it looks because your torso is lifted for the whole move and your working leg is in the air. Or maybe it’s just harder for me because unfortunately I can’t do as much exercise as I’ would like to/ used to!

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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