Dietician Approved Thrush/Candida Diet 5 Week Review

hero_land_carb_1bi2msm-1bi2mttSince I last wrote my symptoms have vastly improved, maybe it was reintroducing my probiotic, maybe it was cutting out the lemon water but whereas the first 2 weeks of the thrush/candida diet my symptoms actually got worse then what I normally experience, now my symptoms are actually better than before I started. I spoke to my physio to get a second opinion on the diet and she said that she knows people that have had success with it and initially their symptoms got worse too so this gave me the confidence to carry on. Also I’m not finding it as hard to stick to, I’m making an effort to eat more so I’ve gained some weight back and I’m not feeling as lacklustre and faint. Also I’m not craving all the stuff that I was craving before (apart from one hormonal blip), yes I definitely miss a lot of food but I’m used to this way of eating now so it’s easy to stick to.

I have swayed from the diet on a couple of occasions; I ate a load of chickpeas coated in garlic powder because I was really hungry, there was nothing else to eat in the house and I was convinced that garlic couldn’t be making me worse as people take them as an anti-fungals to help treat thrush, well I was wrong; a couple of hours later all my thrush/candida symptoms came back in a full on way, thankfully I was back to normal the following day but I had learnt my lesson! I’ve also since learnt that garlic contains a lot of fructose. And on another occasion when I was feeling very hormonal I was DESPERATE for some chocolate so I got the healthiest option I could find, with no sugar, no fructose etc, this didn’t bring any of my symptoms back but I did actually feel really nauseous afterwards, so much so I couldn’t do any exercise 😦

So at my most recent dieticians appointment I decided to tell her that my symptoms had completely gone (not entirely true), because I was fed up with being on the diet and I wanted to reintroduce some food back in and wanted her guidance on how to do this.


So this is the plan:

After reintroducing each food type I need to monitor my symptoms, if they do get worse I need to return to the diet, otherwise I can move on to the next food type.


Days 1-4

Include pasta in my meals. I actually don’t like pasta so this could be a problem.

Days 5-9

Include (gluten containing) wraps in my meals


Days 10-12

Basic sliced bread

Days 13-17

Fancy bread- yay! Nice bread and butter- wooo! I’m also prepared that I will no doubt gain some weight back at this stage.

I’m allowed to use butter and margarine on my bread. She said from here, all being well, I’ll be able to reintroduce dairy next and then the last things that will be reintroduced will be fermented food (I’ve missed Kefir so much!), fruit and then simple sugars (chocolate and sweets). She didn’t mention where starchy vegetables fall into this.

Dietician Approved Thrush/Candida Diet

Dietician Approved Thrush/Candida Diet 2 Week Review

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