Tracy Anderson’s Slim + Sculpt Cardio


This Tracy Anderson DVD is unique in that it contains two long cardio workouts and one muscular structure workout; normally her DVDs are all cardio (Cardio Dance for Beginners), or all muscular structure (Mat Workout for Beginners), or predominantly muscular structure with some cardio as well (Teen Meta). It’s a bit confusing that this DVD is called “Slim + Sculpt Cardio” when a third of it is a muscular structure workout. This DVD is filmed at the same location as Tracy Anderson Method Express, which looks like a pseudo Greek-island location. Although there doesn’t need to be a justification for new Tracy DVD releases, it seems they’ve tried to differentiate this DVDs, with this one it’s by including a band, which is great as it provides you with all the equipment you need and stops people from being able to do the workout (without buying the equipment) if they find the video online. The soundtrack is the same as the one used on the Xbox Transform workout.

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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Cardio 1
Time: 20 minutes
Equipment needed: None

More info to follow…

Cardio 2
Time: 18 minutes
Equipment needed: None

More info to follow…

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

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Slim + Sculpt 1
Time: 19 minutes
Areas worked: Arms legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Purple band

It’s now nighttime and time to do muscular structure!

This band is a real pain to use (which could be intentional as Tracy wants your brain to involved in the workout). It’s really annoying having to pause and rewind the workout if the band falls off in between moves, and you get the feeling that you’re not being as precise with the movements and angles as you would be if you weren’t using the band as you’re trying to just keep the band on and the tension good. Also if it’s resistance you want, ankle weights already provide you with that without the associated awkwardness. Maybe it’s telling that Tracy doesn’t use this band in her other DVDs/streaming, perhaps this is an at home alternative to the band system she has in the studios, thankfully it doesn’t seem as weak as the metaband

This workout is nice and short, your muscles will get a workout but it won’t be as thorough as her other workouts and also because she’s trying to utilise the band in every move it offers less variety in the moves you’ll do, although she does sneak in some arm moves at the end without the band.

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