Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance Express

Time: 58 minutes
Equipment needed: None

On this hour long DVD the cardio workouts are made into 10 minute segments. We’ve already had 30 minute segments-  Dance + Cardio, 20 minute segments- Slim + Sculpt Cardio and 15 minute segments- Cardio Dance for Beginners so I’m assuming unless she’s going to go after the super time poor this is as small the segments are going to get.

Tracy looks amazing in this workout; very sleek and modern; dressed all in black, a slicked back pony tail and amazing makeup. I love the industrial/factory style setting too.

Interval 1- Basic steps

For this first routine tracy does a brief warm up at the beginning. Instead of a breakdown section or a guess which moves comes next follow along routine, Tracy does the cardio but gives you commands and builds on each one, so it’s grapevines to begin with then another move added on then back to grapevines and so on until the routine is finished. The moves are easy to follow, it’s great that Tracy gives you queuing. The music is pretty good- kind of generic upbeat workout music but it’s great that it’s a different soundtrack to all her other DVDs.

Interval 2- Dance Vitality (what does that even mean?!)

I really like this one, the music is really good- 80s electronic dance style and it feels like more of a proper dance routine. Also it’s not all jumping so you get a bit of a rest at times. Once again this starts with a warm up arms section and ends up with arms and then stretching.

Interval 3- Cardio Party

This music has changed again for this one, I really like that we’re getting so much new music. This one starts off at a high intensity with lots of fast leg movements so the support of your sports bra will be tested! Thankfully this pace doesn’t continue for the whole thing and the rest of the routine is graceful ballet dancer style movements.

Interval 4- Sweat Fest

This interval includes some moves from the last routine but adds some more moves. Tracy is really motivating and adds lots of words of encouragement. These routines aren’t that bad as you know before it hits 10 minutes you’ll get some cool down movements and stretching.

Interval 5- Calorie Blast

Unfortunately this interval teaches a routine that many of us will already know from Tracy’s Dance Cardio Workout DVD- it’s routine 3. Although there are a couple of changes it is this routine, which is a shame, you wonder if they didn’t realise that we had already been taught this dance. I suppose it’s a fresh environment and we’re learning the dance as we’re going as opposed to doing a breakdown section and then doing the dance up to tempo. I hope this is an anomaly and we don’t have this happen again on new dance DVDs.

Interval 6- Dance Intensity (I think they were running out of names here)

This routine is nice and simple and amazingly the time flew by.

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