The Face Gym

facegym-bookI’m really into facial exercises; I have both of Eva Frasers workout DVDs and I bought a Rio 60 second facial toner, so when I saw Isamaya Ffrench (for those who don’t know she’s an awesome makeup artist who’s work you would’ve seen on Vogue, Rihanna, Kim K & numerous catwalk shows)’s instagram post of her having a facial gym workout I knew I had to get one!

Took my face to the gym today #Selfridges #facegym @luisavoia 💪🏼

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Since I had a facial massage 4 years ago on holiday, that gave me instant plumped up skin and a younger looking face I’ve been dying to get into facial massage but unfortunately I’ve been unable to find anywhere that does this or any DVDs that I can buy that can teach myself. If anyone knows of any please let me know! So it’s wonderful news that the Face Gym workout combines facial massage and electrical muscle stimulation.

The therapists are super nice, like really lovely instant best-friend nice, which is wonderful because in my experience some beauty therapists can be pretty intimidating/judgemental: “you really shouldn’t leave it so long between waxes”.

A visit to the face gym is basically an amazing combo of a facial workout and a facial facial (lots of lovely serums etc). And is pretty reasonably priced with prices starting at £40 for 30 minutes.

There are loads of different “workouts” available- don’t worry these are all passive with the therapist doing all the work, I went for a signature workout which has a bit of everything: de-puffing-ball work, reiki, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, jade rolling, derma rolling. My husband and I both got workouts at the same time (they used different products on him)- he’s a bit of a cynical misery guts sometimes so I had to bully him into it, but he ended up really enjoying the “workout” and is really happy with the results. I’m really happy with the results too; it’s amazing how different your skin can look after 30 minutes of non invasive work and almost a week later my skin tone is still noticeably improved.

Sadly there are currently only locations in London, although there will be locations in New York and Italy in the future. I really wish there were more locations now, but it’s a blessing for my finances as otherwise I would go all the time.

5 thoughts on “The Face Gym

      1. Illian Rain

        I would try it at least once, out of curiosity! It reminds me of this funny little book from the 60’s I stumbled across years ago: ‘Face Yoga’, or something like that. 😂😊

      2. Illian Rain

        I’m sure there must be a copy of it somewhere–It was eons ago but I’m convinced there was something called ‘Lion Pose’ on the cover, and the woman was wearing a Jane Fonda-ish workout onesie and her eyes were squished closed because her mouth was open wide and she was sticking her tongue out as far as she could. Now that I’m writing this down I’m starting to wonder if was a dream I had, haha…
        I’m doing well, thank you, but so f-ing busy. I wish we had more time…:) How are you doing? I hope all is well for you; I know you always have a lot on your plate too!!!

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