Tracy Anderson TAVA Beyonce 7/11

imageCardio time: 8 minutes
Breakdown time: 9 minutes
Equipment needed: None

In week 88 of streaming we were blessed with the new option of TAVA cardio as a cardio alternative to the dance cardio.

So how has this come about? Despite the advertised “new cardio every week” with streaming there have been huge gaps with no new cardio uploaded- as much as 18 weeks in a row with no new cardio material. This no doubt encouraged many tammers to jump ship to KP Dance Body, which Tracy has been openly upset about. Tracy has said that she was hesitant to put out new high impact dance cardio material as she is moving towards lower impact dance cardio hence the release of TAVA. The reason for this is that she is concerned about the impact that non stop jumping cardio has on our joints especially as we age- a concern brought up by Tracy’s client Jennifer Lopez as well, so Tracy has advised that people should only perform her non stop jumping cardio on her Cardio Fly Super G Flooring or otherwise do TAVA.  To reconcile this Tracy has now started releasing new “weekly” TAVA dances with her streaming, thus providing us with a new low impact option on a weekly basis.

Another appeal that KP Dance body has, on top of offering a plethora of dance cardio options, is that KP Dance Body’s dances are a lot more current, mirroring the style of moves you’d see in for instance Beyonce music videos (KP Dance Body has an awesome “Run the world (Girls)” routine). Tracy’s new streaming TAVA seems to respond to this too, as rather than a latino theme which her TAVA DVD had, these moves are choreographed by her dancers and are also in a more current style, which is a definite departure from Tracy’s ballet-mix dance cardio we’re used to… and low and behold the first two weeks of TAVA are performed to Beyonce songs.For this dance we definitely feel like we’re in safe hands learning a routine to Beyonce from Lashonna as she has performed with Beyonce as one of dancers at the VMAs!!! Swoon!!

This dance is one you’ll actually want to perform, lots of great moves that not only burn calories, are kinder on the joints but you won’t be embarrassed to perform in public! Like the rest of TAVA it won’t get your heart beat up as much as the normal jumping dance cardio but it’ll involve your brain more as you try to master the moves. This dance is repeated from the back as well followed by a split screen of from the front and back so you’ll get lots of practice.

Tracy Anderson TAVA Destinys Child Lose My Breath

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3 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson TAVA Beyonce 7/11

  1. Alexis

    I’m going to be honest, I’ve been giving KPDanceBody a solid try, and it’s really fun. But I’m not sure I’m getting the same results. I feel sad about this. I’m going to try returning to 30mins of TA toning, and add on the DanceBody for the cardio. I’m hoping this will fix the problem. But I’m wondering if the key to the original TA cardio is a certain “just the right balance”, not too hard, not too easy, very little plyo type movements–in which case I’m wondering if Shine Dance Fitness is a better fit as an add on dance cardio. Coz let’s face it, TA dance cardio is just soooooo boring. Thank you for your blog.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Alexis,

      That’s such a shame that the KPDanceBody isn’t working out for you 😦 I reckon it’s a good idea to stick to the cardio and do TA’s toning. Let me know how you get on. Tracy’s always said that the magic in her method is with the muscular structure so hopefully any other dance cardio would be good as long as the moves aren’t too repetitive or focus too much on the large muscles with squats and lunge. Thank you for following and your comments 🙂

      1. Alexis

        lol, As I been thinking so much about cardio lately, I’ve concluded that there is very little out there that actually might complement Tracy goals for super bulkers. KPDanceBody is very, very fun but she sneaks in enough squats that I think it can be bulking for those on the “super bulker” end of the scale. You might like to research Rachel Attard and Key Son who talk a lot about what can cause bulk. If we follow the “science” than I think TAVA is spot on, and Tracy is correct to keep avoiding large movements–think petit allergro–small, little movements, like a hummingbird. Key Son talks about how some movements can even strengthen and grow connective tissues! Yikes. So, the challenge is to get into steady-state cardio for fat burning without firing up the joints, connective tissues, and muscles. An interesting challenge. So, again, I think there is lots Tracy doesn’t tell us. I read once that she copyrighted her method. Have you read anything about that?

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