Tried and Tested: Sports Massage

sports-massage-back-of-leg-1200x800I normally get Thai massages about once a week because they’re lovely and relaxing, use hard pressure and I love the stretching element as well, it feels much less passive then most massages. I’ve been away from home for a while and I’ve had pain in my left erector spinae for the past few days so I’ve been desperate to get a massage. Unfortunately Thai massages aren’t offered where I’m staying so I decide the next best thing would be to try out a sports massage.

I’ve never had a sports massage before, I’ve heard the horror stories about them being incredibly painful but I was up for a challenge.

The massage was really good and I was impressed that the therapist could zero in on the areas where there were a lot of knots, so it was much more of a tailored massage than the ones I’m used to. Also she was able to tell me what was likely to be causing the knots- the erector spinae pain was from slouching a lot, which unfortunately I do a lot of; I’m doing it right now! I must invest in an ergonomic set up. I also had knots in my thighs which were from the powerful poses I’ve been doing recently in yoga. I didn’t have many other knots, I’m sure if I had gone when I was able do lots of cardio and legs exercises this would’ve been a different story.

The massage was totally not scary or painful, in fact the Thai massages I’ve been having have involved more pressure. However later on in the day I really ached in the areas that she’d focused on and the pain continued the following day. She may have decreased the size of my knots but was being sore for over 24 hours afterwards worth it? I’m trying to decide. Has anyone had a sports massage what are your thoughts on it? Whatever the case it’s definitely not something to get to relax you.

On the plus side, the sports therapist was full of lots of useful information, including how the presence of fascia means that when we massage one muscle we can feel it in a different part of the body and this is why acupuncture works. I had always assumed that acupuncture was pseudo science but as top athletes such as Rebecca Adlington have it and now hearing about it from this sports therapist I’m feeling more open to it. Perhaps I’ll try it for my chronic pain symptoms.


As the therapist mentioned fascia I of course asked her about the fascia blaster but she unfortunately didn’t have any information about it. We also talked about taping the muscles and I asked whether taping the face (you can buy tape specifically to do this called Frownies) to move the muscles to diminish wrinkles would work and she confirmed that yes it would, so I’m going to try them out.

I asked her how often I should get sports massages and she recommended for me they should be about once a month.

I don’t think I’m ready to give up Thai massages as they’re so relaxing but I will think about including sports massages into my routine

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