Tracy Anderson Move to Cure Legs

d0de5985cfea7460ef64303b5e49e421Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

This move is a lot easier than it looks and is oddly satisfying for your back

After class I grabbed a few sweaty good deed doers and had them put on their pink #movetocure bracelets in support of the @bcrfcure 💓 Couple of things 1. You can't see @jloganhorne @stevenbeltrani or @lashonna1020 (until I attack her) 2. There is a VERY rare appearance by @runandheider in the very back. 3. I have the sweetest assistant in the world and I have to tell her it's ok to YELL at me @meg.schiavoni 💓 4. My dear friend @interior.monologue was like "You want to do this now AFTER class" the point is that I hope everyone is buying their #movetocure bracelets because I will be giving you moves all month for breast cancer awareness 🎀💓 get your bracelets now at any of my studios cause it's the most important piece of jewelry you can sport this month.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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