Facial Massage Routine

061616_facemassage_leadTime: 14 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Face oil

I’ve mentioned this before, but years ago when I got a massage which included facial massage I was really impressed by how plumped up and how much younger my skin looked and since then I wanted to emulate that on myself. I’ve struggled to find anywhere that does facial massages locally, apart from ones that offer a head massage and a bit of acupressure but not the same thing. Alternatively there’s the option of getting a facial but apart from the face gym in London there’s nothing that really spends enough attention massaging the skin. I’ve had a look for DVDs on facial massage but I haven’t found any so far. The closest thing to it is my Eva Fraser DVD which includes some skin tapping but the majority of the DVD is exercising the facial muscles rather then massaging. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think I need to include both into my routine. So I was really pleased when I came across Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage routine video. I love her makeup tutorials, she’s been in the biz for a long time and you can see her work on th covers of Vogue and on celebrities such as Cara Delevinge, Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian West. She also features celebrities in her makeup tutorials such as Yasmin Le Bon, Sophie Dahl and Alexa Chung.

I really like this facial massage routine video; it’s easy to follow, introduces you to lots of different techniques and is a nice length and you don’t need to purchase any fancy oils to do it. I used Sukin’s BioNatural Skin Oil as I’m a fan of their products because they don’t test on animals and they don’t contain any nasties. Even doing this massage on yourself is pretty relaxing. I haven’t noticed any immediate physical results so far from doing it, but I’m sure it’s beneficial either way.

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