Face to Face with Eva Fraser

face_fitness1I’ve been looking forward to a new Eva Fraser DVD for so long! I’ve gotten really good results from her first DVD- Facial Fitness, but I’ve been interested in having some more material as it can get a bit repetitive doing the same workouts all the time.

This DVD has 3 workouts: basic, advanced 1 and advanced 2. Each workout has a teaching and a workout section, which is good as once you’ve mastered the move in the teaching section you can follow the workout section without having to sit through the lengthly explanations.

Even though Eva is on the front cover she doesn’t physically appear in any of the videos although you can hear her giving the instructions.

In the leaflet that comes with the DVD you’re told to follow each workout for 3-4 days a week for two weeks (although in the DVD Eva says to do each workout for 3-4 weeks…) and then move onto the next one. Once you have completed this you are then advised to complete advanced 1 and advanced 2 once a week (although in the DVD Eva says to stick to it for 4 times a week, until you feel that the muscles have gotten strong and you’re happy with the results, then you can reduce it to twice a week).

This DVD is very similar to the first DVD in that a lot of the movements are the same or very similar and each movement is performed twice.

This DVD gives clearer and more detailed instructions then Facial Fitness, as Eva really guides you through each move and talks about which muscles the move is working and as well as watching the practitioner perform the move there’s an illustration which shows you the direction of the movement and as a result you can feel that the moves are a lot more effective.

Basic workout
Time: 8 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: None

In the basic workout I skipped the ear massage section as I don’t want to pull on my ears too much and make them longer! This fear was instilled in me after watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Kris Jenner was talking about how long her earlobes had got and that she wanted to cut the bottoms off- ew!

Advanced 1
Time: 10 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Cotton gloves, something to rest your elbows on

This workout focuses on the eyes, and cheeks and includes facial tapping. Eva says you need to do this workout for 6-8 weeks before moving on (although in the literature it says to do this just for 2 weeks).

Advanced 2
Time: minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Cotton gloves

I’m really impressed with these exercises, I hadn’t done the exercises for a couple of weeks, but when returning to them I could see a noticeable difference the following day- impressed! I just need to keep it up. The “One sided lift” move is pretty tricky to follow, it’s hard to try and coordinate yourself while doing it, but you do feel that you’re really isolating the muscle and surely it’s good that it’s a challenge. There’s a forehead move where I can’t work out what the hell is going on! Particularly as you have to perform it with your eyes closed. You have to raise your forehead without moving your eyebrows- how?! Some of these moves are really difficult as you can’t tell which muscles in your face you’re working and if you’re really targeting the correct area, unlike exercises for your body when it’s pretty obvious when you’re working your biceps etc.

2 thoughts on “Face to Face with Eva Fraser

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Cami,

      I’m really impressed with the results, there’s a particular move in the last level that I can see a real difference in the following day after doing it. I think with this you just need to keep doing the exercises as if you stop obviously your results will suffer. Are you thinking about buying the DVD/s?


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