How to increase the size of your glutes without making your thighs bigger

Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Something to steady yourself with like a wall, counter or table

I’ve been after an exercise that will do this forever…. Before I started doing Tracy I was really happy with my glutes but I always had rugby player-esque bulky quads. With doing Tracy I was so happy to get streamlined slim thighs but unfortunately at the cost of my glute muscles, which although now lifted are so much smaller 😦 I’m not alone in this as a lot of other tammers have commented on how they love the method they’re just sad at what’s happened to their rear and they want to try and get it back without losing their results.


I tried going to pilates reformer classes alongside doing the Tracy Anderson Method hoping this would improve my results and although these built out my glutes, my thighs soon inflated again and I was struggling to look as good in skinny jeans.


Just another thing me and Britters have in common! 😉

I’ve contacted Tracy Anderson trainers and other trainers asking for a way around this but haven’t really had a definitive answer. Thankfully some lovely Tammers came to the rescue and shared this video with me (thank you Illian and Sari!) from Ashley Black who’s behind the Fascia Blaster (a devise that blasts fascia, cellulite and has given a lot of people some unbelievable results- I’m yet to try it though).

These exercises focus on isolating the glute without working any other muscles- exactly what I’ve been looking for! I just do the first exercise which she suggested which is the standing exercise as she mentioned the other also works your hamstrings.

You do really have to focus on this exercise and make sure you’re using proper alignment as Ashley says to you need to make sure you’re not inadvertently employing other muscles. It’s also helpful to put one hand on your glute to get feedback that you’re activating that muscle.

I’ve had my husband do these and he’s got some really good results and I’ve now started doing them too. I’ve started with no weights to make sure I get the form right but I’ll then add ankle weights. I’m currently doing 20 reps on each leg as this seems like a good number to build the muscle without overly exhausting it.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout (and lots of other great workouts too!)

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