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How to get a body like Britney Spears 3/6


Diary of Britney Spears Routine

Britney Spears followed this exercise routine during the Slave 4 u and Oops I did it again period.

Start time: 6:10
Time: 23 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, chest, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 5kg weights, exercise ball and a chair

As the cuts are quite quick on this video I’ve written out all of Britney’s exercises.

  • 20 x weighted tricep dips (my arms bulk up really quickly so I do this without the weight)
  • 2x side kicks
  • 20x incline chest press (I don’t bother doing this on an incline as I want to focus on my chest and not build up my shoulders
  • 20x pec flies with 5KG weight

Britney did 1000 total ab reps. That’s 50 reps of each exercise cycled through 3 times, so work your way through the following ab exercises 3 times. (Okay so this equals 1050 ab reps)

  • 50x standing side bends
  • 50x bicycle crunches
  • 50x Knees up oblique crunches
  • 50x basic crunches
  • 50x toe touches
  • 50x reverse curls
  • 50x reverse curls with the exercise ball

Enjoy and look forward to your Britney abs!

How to get a body like Britney Spears 1/6

How to get a body like Britney Spears 2/6

How to get a body like Britney Spears 2/6

The Hollywood Workout

Bobby Strom and Nancy Kennedy were personal trainers to Britney Spears during the Oops I did it again VMAs performance and Slave for you era and released the workout DVD The Hollywood Workout. This DVD includes some of the very moves that Britney Spears performed in her exercise routine.

The DVD has three workouts which all include a warm and a cool down. As I have an ability to bulk I omit the arm exercises (Tracy Anderson has the best non bulking arm exercises) bar the tricep dips as these are actually Tracy approved! I know I’m pretty surprised. And I also omit some of the leg work such as squats and lunges, but all the stomach and chest work is fine, so the break down of the three workouts below is based on if I were to omit the bulking sections:

Chest and Legs
Time: 14 minutes
Areas worked: Chest, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb & 5kg weights

I use a 1lb weight for the stomach exercises and 5kg weights for the chest exercises (this is how much Britney used). This is a good full body workout that also includes your back. I do all of the moves in this apart from the squat and lunge exercises as I don’t want to bulk my legs up (I’m not being hysterical I’ve always had muscular thighs that bulk up very easily).

Back Bicep and Legs
Time: 10 minutes
Areas worked: Legs and stomach
Equipment needed: None

This is a fun little workout- Bobby and Nancy are hilarious and it’s good that moves are incorporated that challenge your balance and exercise your back.

Shoulders and Triceps
Time: 9 minutes
Area worked: Stomach and arms
Equipment needed: A chair

I skip a lot of these moves as they aren’t “Tracy friendly” movements, such as lunges and some weighted arm moves, however the tricep dips and the ab moves are doable. The ab moves are some that Britney Spears did as part of her workout when Bobby and Nancy were working as her personal trainers.

How to get a body like Britney Spears 1/6

How to get a body like Britney Spears 3/6

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

How to get a body like Britney Spears 1/6

There are 6 distinctive exercise routines that Britney Spears followed during the Britney Body Golden Age- circa 2001, this is Number 1:

Britney Spears’s Routine

Time: 12 minutes toning, 40 minutes cardio
Areas worked: Chest and stomach
Equipment needed: 2 X 5KG weights and an exercise ball or weights bench 

This routine is mostly focused on your stomach, there are high reps and lots of sets- but what do you expect to get a body like Britney! Because the chest exercises involve 5kg weights they are quite tiring but effective.

Warm up: There’s no stretching warm up in this routine so I would advise doing a warm up from another DVD/exercise routine before following with the 10 minute cardio warm up which Britney’s routine began with. For Britney this warm up would be on the treadmill or stationary bike at a medium pace- now for those of us who bulk, I (and Tracy Anderson) would recommend Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio and trampoline routines as your only forms of cardio because it doesn’t include repetitive movements which can bulk the larger muscles, so in this case do 10 minutes step touching of the dance cardio.

Abdominals: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists & 50 leg raises. This routine is repeated 5X throughout the rest of this routine.

Chest 20X Pec flys with 2X 5KG weights, do your second set of the abdominals series then 20X Chest Presses with 2X 5KG weights. Because this routine features using a higher weights I would do this only every other day so the muscle has time to recover.

This routine also includes Bicep curls & tricep kickbacks which I’ve omitted as I find they bulk me and the best arm exercise routines are all by Tracy Anderson as these create long slim graceful arms.

Do your third set of the abdominal series and then….

Cardio 30 minutes Tracy Anderson dance aerobics or trampoline routine- you can increase the cardio up to 60 minutes in total if you feel you need it.

Do your fourth & fifth set of the abdominal series and then 50 side crunches on each side followed by lots of stretching.

How to get a body like Britney Spears 2/6

How to get a body like Britney Spears 3/6

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Bosu ball

I’d really like a bosu ball, although sadly it seems like I can’t get one where I live, check out these vids for Britney Spears’s exercise routine with a bosu ball circa 2001- we’re talking the Slave For You era!