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5lb Ankle Weights

424000-zoomI’ve gone back to the dark side!!! Since being introduced to Tracy I’d stuck rigidly to using 1lb ankle weights, but after years of mourning the loss of my glutes I’ve introduced Ashley Black’s rear building exercise into my routine. With this exercise I’ve been building up the weights and today I was ready to invest in some heavier ankle weights. I bought these Spri 5lb Ankle Wrap Weights from Rebel Sports and I’ve got to tell you these are monsters!!! They feel nice and secure, there’s no chance of them falling off and definitely do the job, but with heavier weights you have to make sure that you’re focusing on the muscle you want to target instead of using whichever muscles you can to help out to lift the weight.

Fitbit Zip Review


I was into the idea of getting a pedometer for a while as I felt that cardio and muscular structure/toning wasn’t enough, I needed to move around more and thought that getting a pedometer would be the perfect way of making sure that I did that.

Here is what your steps per day equate to:

Under 5000 steps per day= sedentary lifestyle

5,000-7,499 = low active

7500-9999= somewhat active

10000= active

12,500 and above= highly active.

I generally aim to get 10000-12500+ steps a day, although that can be difficult if there’s bad weather. I decided I wanted to get a pedometer that sits on your hip rather then wearing one you wear around your wrist because it may mistake arm exercises as steps and also a wrist pedometer wouldn’t necessarily go with my outfit! Whereas a small black clip on pedometer is much more discrete. I bought a cheap clip on pedometer from a sports shop but it kept falling off and eventually fell off and broke. I decided to get a fitbit zip as it wasn’t too expensive, it’s really tiny and cute and also has a really firm grip so it doesn’t look like it’s going to fall off.


Other good features include:

  • It automatically goes back to 0 steps at midnight
  • You can sync it with your laptop and track all your info
  • It counts your “very active minutes” which is good because I want to make sure I am actually getting enough (dance) cardio in.
  • You can set goals for yourself such as number of steps and how many active minutes you want to reach in a day.
  • You get little badges that spur you on once you’ve reached a particular milestone eg a high number of lifetime steps or best number of steps in a day
  • You can add your friends who also have a fitbit so you can get competitive and/or support one another.

It also has other features such as calories burned, a means to track your weight, how far you’ve travelled, how much you need to drink and number of calories in, but I don’t bother with any of these as I’m primarily concerned with number of steps and active minutes.

The only annoying thing about this pedometer and most pedometers is that it doesn’t effectively measure cycling and isn’t suitable for water sports. So if I go for a long bike ride I normally factor that in as contributing to my number of steps in a day.

I have found that since wearing a pedometer I’m definitely more aware of how much I’m moving around and aim to go for walks to increase my steps if I’m not reaching them during my day to day activities.

If anyone wants to add me here is my fitbit profile

Vintage Ladies Bicycle


Due to my knee problems my physio has barred me from dance cardio and rebounding for the time being so I have bought a bicycle! I am aware that cycling bulks up my thighs but I’m happy for the small sacrifice if it means I get my cardio in. I’m totally in love with my beautiful vintage style bicycle- with a big comfy seat, basket and bell. I got it for $249 from Samson Cycles. I’ve decided I’m going to cycle every day for at least an hour until my knees are well enough to return to cardio and rebounding.

Tracy Anderson Chair


I am now the proud owner of THIS chair. The chair that Tracy Anderson uses in Mat workout, 30 day method, Perfect design series and metamorphosis. I have literally been searching for it forever- I’ve seen it used in food courts and restaurants and always asked where they get it from and if I could buy it off them (the answer’s always I don’t know and no). Thankfully finally I found a shop where I can buy it! I bought it from Dare Gallery in Melbourne and I’ve also seen it another shop in Melbourne but for a much higher price.


This chair is light weight, relatively small, metal, has no arms, a straight top and a gap where the back of the chair meets the seat which you will need for certain Tracy Anderson exercise routines including the Shakira routine.


Although the official recommendation is that any dining room chair will do I wanted to get a chair as close to the one Tracy uses as possible and I actually found the exact same chair! The reason that I wanted to get a chair similar to Tracy’s is that in one of the bonus arms she actually lifts the chair up (obviously ignoring that no more then 3lb rule!) as part of the moves and with a lot of dining room chairs this wouldn’t be possible in one fluid motion due to the size, weight and material. Also I wanted to get something without arms and the same height as Tracy’s and one made from a material that wouldn’t be ruined from me standing on it.


A chair is needed in the following exercise routines:

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Tracy Anderson Cosmo Lower Body Blast

Tracy Anderson Treadmill Challenge

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tone Your Booty

Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Chair Sequence

Broom stick/handle


The latest tool in Tracy Anderson’s exercise routines the hi tech, sophisticated…. broomstick! Tracy uses the stick to further challenge your balance and isolate certain muscles thus firing the brains connection with the body. I have only tried one routine so far with the broom stick but with such seemingly simple moves it was surprisingly effective and I’m looking forward to using it more.

When there was first mention of the broomstick cosmo said that it would be made available on Tracy Anderson’s website and I had images of a gorgeous pink stick with Tracy’s name on it, but sadly this was never made available. Or maybe it was lucky that this was never made available as I probably would’ve bought one and wasted lots of money on shipping etc when you can just buy one from your local hardware store! Mine cost $7.50 (Australian dollars).

Workouts that include the broom stick:

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Net a Porter Fit for Fashion with Tracy Anderson How to get lean, firm thighs

Tracy Anderson Daily Shot

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Tracy Anderson Instagram Pole Legs

Tracy Anderson 3lb weights


Previous to buying these weights I only used 1lb weights as I really don’t want to bulk. However some of Tracy’s moves require you to balance on your weight and this is near on impossible if you’re doing this with a tiny 1lb weight. So I bought these lovely bubblegum pink 3 lb weights and I love them! They’re so girlie and lovely, good quality and they do the job.

Check out the routines that only 3lb weights will do the job (mostly to balance on).

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Tracy Anderson QVC Mini Trampoline Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout

Meta band


Welcome to my favourite piece of Tracy Anderson equipment! It’s just like the resistance band but the ends are joined together so it makes a circle. It’s better to use then the stretchy band as it’s more obvious how you’re supposed to hold it rather then trying to grip it in your hand in an uncomfortable position. It’s still hard work though and I would say harder to use then weights but it’s great to have some new equipment and variation to workouts. And it’s such a novelty and really fun to use! Tracy developed this for Teen Meta and wisely included it in the packaging for teen meta which is a good way to make people buy your product rather then using


Update. 7th February 2014 This may no longer be my favourite piece of Tracy Anderson equipment as after using it 6 times for the Teen Meta routine it snapped!!


I’m still waiting to hear if I can get a replacement…

Update! 4th March 2014

I received my “replacement” meta band and it was this:

photo (15)

Which measures as being 30.3cm. So the wrong band. Helpfully Laurie (who works at Tracy Anderson) is to the rescue and I will receive the correct band…

Update! 10th April 2014 At last I have my new meta band!!! (The band at the bottom)

photo (14)

It feels a lot more smooth and luxurious then the original purple band, is very slightly wider and it doesn’t bunch up like the purple band did- so let’s hope it’s easier to use and not as prone to breakages 🙂 However even though it’s the same length as the purple band (45.6cm) it doesn’t stretch anywhere near as far as the purple band so most of the exercises where you’ll need to use it are impossible as you won’t be able to get anywhere as close to the range of motion.

Check out these workouts that use the Meta Band

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