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Urban Rebounder


Prior to investing into the quality piece of equipment that is the Urban Rebounder I bought a cheap mini trampoline/rebounder from Argos. Unfortunately it just wasn’t up to my hard core workouts (ahem) and proceeded to break. I decided for my next rebounder purchase I would have to buy something decent so why look no further then Tracy Anderson? Tracy Anderson used Urban Rebounders to train Madonna and her dancers while on tour and can be seen using it in her Tel Aviv cardio webisode.

The Urban Rebounder comes with a bar which I suppose you hold on to, to stop you bouncing and losing control and hitting the ceiling or landing on the floor! Thankfully this is detachable and to be honest you don’t really need it. I bought my Urban Rebounder in 2009 and it’s survived many hours of bouncing up and down as well as a 13 hour flight.

I bought this off ebay as unfortunately Urban Rebounders only seem to be available in the US.

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Resistance Band


Before Tracy invented the meta band she used resistance/thera bands in some of her routines. The band is good in that it offers a varied way to add resistance to exercises and creates resistance from angles that it would be difficult to achieve with the use of weights. I bought this set of Davina McCall from Argos in the UK for £7.99. They come in 3 different levels of resistance- light, medium and heavy. I’ve given the medium and heavy resistance bands away as using the light one is difficult enough. You can also use it in place of a yoga strap/ribbon

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Wrist/Ankle weights


When I was doing a total tone (sort of like tae bo) exercise class I bought some ankle weights in an attempt to make my leg exercises more difficult and they made a world of difference and definitely helped me add some muscle to my rear. These were pretty heavy ankle weights so when I was introduced to the world of Tracy Anderson and was given a fear of lifting anything heavy I invested in some light wrist weights that can double up as ankle weights. I ordered these Reebok weights online as they were the cheapest and lightest (and prettiest!) and have a handy little hole for your thumb to go through.


Now Tracy has some routines that involve wearing two sets of ankle weights or ankle and wrist weights at the same time I invested in some more ankle weights.


I bought these from Rebel Sport for $19.99 and they’re actually a lot better to use as ankle weights as the ones I was using previously as they’re more flexible so are easier to wear.

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Yoga mat


For almost ANY muscular structure or toning (unless you are standing or using a chair or exercise ball) you will need to use a yoga mat. My first yoga mat purchase was an impulse late night cheap purchase at a 24 hour Tescos and I must say it is so much better then using a folded up towel which is what I used to do. When I moved to Asia I didn’t take my yoga mat with me to save on luggage and ended up buying one from a cheap Japanese home store and although it did the job all of the small fibres kept coming off and I’d have to fold it in half for any moves where I was on all fours- see almost all Tracy Anderson leg work! I gave it away before I flew back to England because I couldn’t fit in my suitcase and didn’t ship it to Australia as our stuff shipped a week before we left and there was no way I could be without my yoga mat for a week! We shipped my fiance’s yoga mat but that isn’t arriving for at least another couple of weeks.

The problem is that the place that I’m currently staying is a bit skanky and I don’t want anything but my feet to touch the floor! So I needed to buy a new mat TODAY as otherwise it would’ve been over a week since I’d done my routine and as instructed by Tracy this would mean that I would have to restart the routine from Day 1, boo.

So out I was on my mission when a woman came and sat at the same tram stop as me carrying a yoga mat so I asked her where it would be best to buy one locally and she suggested Luluemon although warned me that it would be expensive. This was my first time in Luluemon, it’s really nice inside and the shop assistant was SO lovely! She was even a massive Tracy Anderson fan! The shop had a RANGE of different yoga mats available- a totally new concept to me, all really good quality and with different widths and surfaces.

I went for The Pure Mat at 5mm…

LU9617S_7218_1 LU9617S_7218_2 LU9617S_7218_3 LU9617S_7218_4

… But in a much more attractive lilac colour.This is the thickest they have- so hopefully I won’t have to fold it in half. They had 2 different surface options with this either a smooth surface which is designed for bikram or hot yoga or a bobbly surface which gives you extra grip in normal temperatures so I went for the latter.

***WARNING This yoga mat weighs 6lbs!!!! Do not EVER attempt to lift!***

It was a little bit pricey, but I’m sure it’s worth it as I love it! It’s great quality and I’m sure it’ll last. Also I’ve mentioned this before, for some reason I don’t feel so guilty when I spend money on things that assist or are associated with exercising- I see it more as an investment.

UPDATE I have now used the mat and I love it as much as I thought I would. It definitely feels extra cushiony on my knees when I exercise and more supportive of my lower back when I do exercises that involve me lying on my back and lifting my legs off the floor to work my lower stomach. The mat is really good quality and longer and wider then my previous yoga mats which is brilliant as in previous yoga sessions I’ve had to move around to keep myself on the mat but this mat could work with any routine. LOVE IT!!!!


Bosu ball

I’d really like a bosu ball, although sadly it seems like I can’t get one where I live, check out these vids for Britney Spears’s exercise routine with a bosu ball circa 2001- we’re talking the Slave For You era!