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Facial Fitness

We know how much exercise can improve the appearance of your body so why not your face? And since it’s the area of your body that’s always on display why not make it a priority? I initially became aware of the potential benefits of facial exercise when I had a massage that involved a face massage and noticed that my face instantly looked younger and fresher.

Facial massage routine

I look after my skin by regularly cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, using mud masks, eating healthily, applying suntan lotion and avoiding alcohol, however being aged 30 and with impending marriage nuptials and a resistance to fillers/botox I really need to step it up.

I originally tried a few facial exercises with Face Yoga by Annelise Hagen which I found online, but wanted to buy a full length facial exercise DVD to really benefit from it, after reading various reviews I decided to go with Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Made Easy and have recently find out that Madonna is one of Eva’s clients.

The DVD is divided into different sections:

Basic Exercises– 11 minutes

After a few days of doing this I noticed my cheeks had completely puffed up! Perhaps from inflating the muscle? And that after doing my facial exercises the next day my face felt all tingly from working the muscles. On day 13 I noticed my cheek bones looked really fantastic- really defined and a lot more Kate Moss like.


Section One– 12 minutes

You will have to repeat the Forehead Lines move, making it three times total as Eva ask that you do this move 3 times, but the DVD only shows the move twice.

Section Two– 11 minutes

Section Three– 14 minutes (gloves are needed)

Section Four– 12 minutes (gloves are needed)

Initially you need to follow the Basic Exercises for two weeks and then progress onto alternating Section One, Two, Three and Four each day, making sure you do each section once a week, giving you three days off. Eva recommends that you do Ear massage exercise every day- this move is already in section two and section four so I’ve added it onto the end of section one and three and will also being doing this on two of the days off- giving myself one complete day off a week. I’ll keep you guys updated with how I get on!

For more info you might find this interview helpful

Face to face with Eva Fraser